A True Seeker

It must have been a stunning reality to Matthew when Jesus chose him, It came out of the blue...What was it in a man like Matthew that caused him to drop everything at once like that and follow Jesus Christ?. And

The best answer we can deduce is that whatever Matthew's tortured soul may have experienced because of the profession he had chosen to be in, down deep inside he was a Jew who knew and loved the OLD Testament.

He was spiritually hungry, at some point in his life, most likely after he had chosen his despicable career, he was smitten with a gnawing spiritual hunger and became a true seeker. Of course, God was seeking and drawing him, and the draw was irresistible.

The same way he called Matthew, he is calling you too, sinners; prostitute, fraudsters, back biters, gossipers, haters, wicked politicians, evil doers, he is calling all the sinners to repentant and abandon their former life. He is going to make all things new, He is ready to forgive and accept you.

Repent brethren, because it may be late if you say LATER, the kingdom of God is at hand. Let's not be deceive or be carried away by this perishing world.

It is better to believe that there is God, there is heaven, there is hell and there is eternal life and get to heaven and there is non, than not to believe and regret it when it is already late.
Let those who has ear and hungry for the truth hear and speedily act on it now.

God bless you for reading and acting on the word of God.
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