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It is written, My people perish for lack of knowledge. Many people, while pursuing their daily activities, keeping up with the family and friends, they often forgot to ponder about their purpose on earth. Many are discouraged and just existing without a vision. 

E.A Olatoye's Blog (EAO) message is the kingdom of GOD and Our mission is to prepare you for it. This blog is where real information that will improve your relationship with your creator and your fellow human will be met. 

You will have knowledge and teachings about the ways of life and laws of God.  EAO is about Inspiration, Motivation and  it is educative.

EAO provides undiluted word of God from the Bible, ways of life and history of great men of God in the Bible and present day. Other categories include; Informative news, marriage and relationship, and many life transforming articles.

EAO (Emmanuel Abiodun Olatoye) He is upright, humble & yearning for more knowledge, Current Youth Pastor in RCCG Mountain of God Zone, Abuja. Aspiring writer (as a pen in the hand of the Creator), impacting his world positively by spreading pure word of the Holy Scripture (word of hope & reconciliation).

Am a blogger with the goal of spreading the word Of God to the lost souls. Created a social  community where users can socialize, read the word of God, Motivational articles, News, Literary fictions and non fictions, share contents. You are all invited to Abbeys club (EAO community) to submit eye witness happenings in your areas and life transforming stories.

Send your stories to eaolatoye@gmail.com, abaylincoln@hotmail.com or 

Most importantly, thanks for being here. I genuinely appreciate it…God bless you real good.

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