Love In Times Like This (Episode 2)

Harry's head drifted backward to rest against the cushion chair. His mother came out of the kitchen with a tray of palm oil rice and sardine in a small saucer.
"You didn't inform me of your coming, I would have made afang soup with lots of 
Mfi and Okporoko." she said, as she dropped the tray on a stool. 

Harry smiled a bit, and then took a spoon from the tray, stared at the food for a while and then spooned the rice into his mouth continuously.

"I know you eat good food in the city." His mother said excitedly.
"No food is as delicious as yours, no matter the amount of money used in making it." Harry said. He took the sachet water from the tray, tore it with his teeth and gulped it down.
"I will be getting married soon Mama." He broke the silence.

In confusion, his mother blinked her eyes, disoriented for a moment, and then her eyes widened on Harry. She sat up quickly.
"I thought you said your business isn't moving too well, getting married is expensive."
"She will sponsor our Wedding."

"God forbid!" His mother exclaimed. " A woman cannot lend you money for her own bride price. Do not ever let what happened to Etubom Idung ette happen to you o."
"She is a good woman mama. She loves me. I love her too."
"If she cannot wait for you to make your own cash, and marry her honourably, then yak aka." She said angrily.

"What different does it make Mama? I mean she sponsoring our wedding, and I giving her the money back in future. I can't lose her." His gaze slid down to her shaky legs. 

His heart slammed into his gut, and he quickly stood and turned his back to her. His voice was low when he said, "I will be seeing her family by next weekend. I just came to inform you first. I want to leave Ikot Akam before sunrise tomorrow." 
He walked out of the sitting room into the bedroom.

Later, a single lantern lit the dimness of the room. His mother walked slowly towards him. Harry was sleeping soundly when his mother's hand lightly touched his shoulders.
"Bring her to me for my blessings." She whispered. 

His brow arched, and he gave her a soft look.
"She will be here a day to our introduction. She is always busy at work."
"What does she do?"

"She works with an oil company. She is hardworking mama."
She chuckled. "how long have you known her?" she asked softly.
"Four years."

"Then she really loves you. If she has been with you all through these while."
"She does. A woman like Atimma is rare mama." Harry whispered.
He swung out of bed and hugged his mother tight.
"You will love her." He whispered to her ears.

Few days later, Harry visited his mother with Atimma. They were all excited. 
Atimma had brought expensive wrappers and clutch purses for Harry's mom. After sometimes of exchange of hugs and Pleasantries; She knelt down respectively and handed the Gift items to Harry's mother.

"Oh my dear. You're the daughter I never had. sosongho!" she said softly.
Harry's face was filled with joy and excitement as he watched the favorite women in his life prepare him food in the kitchen.

"His father died when he was nine."
Harry could hear her mother telling Atimma from the sitting room. Then there was a loud laugh afterwards. 

He knew that he had made his mother and Atimma happy. 
He muttered something under his breathe and laid his head on the couch, waiting for the food to be ready.

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Credit: Vicky Bon
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