I remember the pain in her eyes more than anything else.
Then I remembered the pains I went through when my husband left me for her.
I imagined her in bed with David, I imagined him kissing her and making love to her.

I thought to myself, what if the baby was his, what if the baby wasn't SS genotype? What if?

Then she wouldn't have been here kneeling right in front of me. She wouldn't have been preparing for the wedding, happily preparing to marry David. Bitter resentment crawled inside of me, making my anger boil.

Part of me wanted to just beat her up, scream obscenities at her,  and send her out of the house. Then the other part  wanted to forgive her and let her go. Then my heart reminded me that God rewrote my story, it was up to me to make it beautiful.

When I finally tried to recollect myself, breaking away from the hurtful thoughts that I had been in. I took a good look at Ifeoma, my fist literarily clenched.

"You can go now, I have forgiven you." A strangles sob escaped my mouth.

There was this new countenance that suddenly appeared on her face. She rose immediately and hugged me. Lizzy stared at us like she was about to cry. While Teye had slept off on the couch long ago.

"you are a good woman" Lizzy whispered, almost in tears.

It began to rumble softly.

"I have to go now madam. Usman is waiting for me." She said in a light tone."

"You saw him?" I asked, looking amazed.

" yes, I found him." She said, almost whispering.

We both left each other's arms as she walked into the rain. The moment I opened the door, a gust of cold wind heralds in and nips at my cheeks. Rain splattered into the house, so I quickly shut the door.

"It is well. I suspected Georgina was right behind all of this."

"I suspected too. But I don't still blame her. David was never man enough to have his own choice and say no to his mother. he always did what she wanted."

I said, sitting carefully on the couch.

"mummyyyyy." Teye cried out, her tiny voice rumbled. Lizzy cuddled her a bit and carried her in her arms, waiting for the rain to stop so that she can go back home.

"I need food!" I cried out, sitting upright. My heart pounded endlessly as if I just finished a race, and the breathing was hard.

I shivered at the external coldness, but I was warm inside. Lizzy rushed to the kitchen to make dinner, I then realized that I was really pregnant.

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Credit: Vicky Bon
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