In Search Of Mr Perfect (Episode 1)

Rumbling thunder and violet streaks lightning woke Imabasi from a deep sleep, but her lashes fluttered and closed as she drifted off again, burying her head deeper into the pillow. Even as a child, she had loved the sound of thunderstorms.
For some reason, they always lulled her spirit, perhaps because her father was a farmer.
When she checked the time and it was almost 6:AM in the morning, she jumped off from the bed and knelt by it to say her morning prayers.
She was a perfectionist.

A lady who kept to time, had her house arranged and clean, her dresses were usually well ironed and she despised scattered stuffs. 
Her younger brother Joel, who is a medical doctor had told her that she might be suffering from Obsessive compulsive Disorder (OCD) but she found his words offensive and not appealing.
As a young teacher who taught only primary pupils in London, Imabasi made sure all her pupils became perfect in all their subjects, as far as they passed through her.

"Good morning Imabasi, today is going to be a blissful day." She said to herself as she whirled to her bathroom. It was going to be her first date with Adenuga, her new date from Nigeria. Imabasi had been Adenuga's crush since the first day he met her in God's kingdom ministries; her new church In Kingston.

Adenuga was going to be her second Nigerian boyfriend. Her first Nigerian boyfriend, pastor Gombe from her former church had a month odour.
On their first date, when Imabasi attempted kissing him, she passed out. And after that day, she never saw him again.
Whenever she saw Gombe at bus stops and parks, she hid herself until she could getaway.
"I have a date today!" She said excitedly as her best friend Miriam stared at her, looking amaze.
"I hope he is not gonna have a brown tooth this time." Miriam said as she picked her toothbrush from the holder.

Imabasi giggled.
"Hell no! This one is so clean, he doesn't talk too much, he is so clean, I am not sure he loves football, his shirts are so neat, he smells nice and he doesn't even yawn In public." She reeled off.

"How many times have you seen him?" Miriam asked.
"Once. At the cafe. He speaks British English and his nails are so clean."
"Okay! I just hope you don't complain about this one, this time."
"I won't! he won't give me something to complain about. I will be thirty soon, at my age, I don't need a man who is gonna be another baby. I need a real man. Clean, brilliant, reserve, doesn't flirt, cute, hairy, nice set of teeth, Loves God and respects me."
"You didn't add rich."

"That's been cute. A cute guy is rich." She retorted.
Miriam smiled.
"Your dream man must be from heaven, I mean not born through some woman's ass."
Imabasi chuckled.

"My mom said she needs a son-inlaw, and I said he must perfect. He must have the glory of God reflected in him."
"Here she goes again..."
"Let's not talk about my kind of man anymore, we just found him. And his name is Adenuga." She said girlishly.

"Oh Adenuga, good luck to you!" Miriam said shrilly.
Moments later, Imabasi was dressed in a pair of jeans, a boot and a purple sweater. She had her Vanilla body mist sprinkled all over her body.  Her big braids were beginning to get worn out, but she gelled them up and ruffled her hair to the back.
few seconds afterwards, the door bell rang, and as soon as Imabasi gently opened the door, her heart skipped at the sight of her date Adenuga.

He smelt of Masculino perfume, and had a well built physique.
He was just the kind of man Imabasi wanted. He thrilled her on their first date at the cafe, when he said his prayers quietly before he took a sip of his coffee.
He kissed her forehead, and held her hands majestically towards his BMW car as he opened the door respectively. 

"My lady" he bowed.

Imabasi felt elegant in her self, he made her feel queenly.
"Where are we off to?" She asked breathlessly.
"My house. You will prepare dinner for me today." Adenuga said huskily.
Imabasi knew that she wasn't going to fail his first test. She was the daughter of a caterer, and she was perfect in this one.

She had to keep so many emotions locked inside.

Credit: Vicky Bon
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