Love In Times Like This (Episode 7)

A wisp of Atimma's black hair had come loosed from the tight knot secured at her neck. 
She stared anxiously at Harry, waiting for him to tell her what Eka Etido said to him over the phone. 

Harry sat down on the sofa, shaking his head, his eyes brightened with fear.
"What did she say?" Atimma asked softly.
"Mama is sick again." Harry replied with a sigh. Tears sparkled in his eyes.
"She shouldn't be sick now that I don't have money o." Atimma said as her eyes widened with anger.

Harry stared at her sternly. He was wondering if his wife of eight months actually said that.
Two months after their wedding, she was such an angel who had vowed to love him for better for worse. She had never talked to him insolently before. Until when she got pregnant six months ago, and suddenly sold her car without his consent. And now, he was in this big edifice that he knew nothing of.

Atimma didn't feel sorry for the fact that Harry's mom was sick. She was relaxed and not bothered.
She went into the kitchen and came out with a cup of tea. She stirred the tea for a while and sipped it bit by bit. 

Harry's brow furrowed, he was thinking of his mother when Atimma interrupted.
"What is wrong with Mama?" she asked finally. 
Harry stared at her face for a while and then replied, "she has asthma. It's severe, I heard her breath aloud from the background."
Atimma closed her eyes. "I don't have money now. I can't use the money for my child's bills for your mom."

Harry's heart felt. His lip curled into a snarl, and anger coiled inside him. He wondered what suddenly happened to his wife.
"I didn't ask you for your money. I will do what I can to save my mother." He said in a broken voice.
"Don't forget that you have a wife who is pregnant." Her voice suddenly became mocking and arrogant.

"My mother needs help, she is sick!"
"Then help her! I need help too Harry. I just paid for this place."
Her high-handed attitude shoved every sane thought out off his mind, and he was left with only anger.
Harry became genuinely puzzled by her attitude. His former neighbor Nsemeke had told him that Atimma changed because she pays the bills. While his former landlady had told him that pregnancy makes women behave that way. 

But Harry took the words of his former lady. 
He recalled how his mom had told him of of how she packed her things to leave his father when she was pregnant of him.(Harry) According to her, the pregnancy had made him hate her husband. Harry was afraid that the same thing that happened to his mom was happening to his wife. He smiled slowly.

"I will visit mama tomorrow, I will like you to lend me some money please." He demanded, finally looking into her eyes.
Atimma raised her angry gaze at him, and then suddenly sniffed in exasperation.
"you're very ungrateful.. 
I can't believe you're asking me for money, despite my condition." She was mumbling and leaning heavily on the the wall.

Harry was hurt again. His forehead furrowed and more lines appeared on his face.
"I am sorry if I haven't been man enough my love. But bear with me please. I really need your help now. I can't even afford ventolin for mama. I can't." His voice was fading, but she heard him.
Atimma made a short derisive sound and Harry's face burned.

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Written by Vicky Bon
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