In life we fail, sometimes once, sometimes twice, sometimes thrice and sometimes every time. So we decide to quit, because we did our best but it was not good enough. Sometimes too we succeed and then out of no where we make a little mistake and it makes us feel like we have failed totally.

Oftentimes people look at our size, our height, our color, our country, our past and tell us we cannot achieve anything great.

Sometimes we believe them, other times we think they are right. So we quit and give up and we hide ourselves from the world and from the people who look up to us.

We hide our dreams, we hide our passion, we hide our talent, we hide our skill, we hide our ideas. We coil and retire to being quiet and to stay out of trouble.

But everyday we look at ourselves in the mirror and we hear the still small voice telling us, never give up and don't quit but we ignore it.

We begin to resort to all avenues and mediums to help us feel okay.
Sometimes we begin to calm ourselves with alcohol, substance abuse, drugs, sex and many more because we know we are hurting deep inside and we just don't believe there is anything good still left in us. 

But today I want to change your mindset of failure and giving up.
When we fail it means
F - First
A - Attempt
I - In
L- Life

And like everyone when we were learning to walk as children we fell many times but we kept trying until we could walk.

After we could walk now we can run, but before we had to fall to learn not to fall.
So in life, we fail to learn how not to fail. We don't quit to learn how to succeed.

Steve Jobs was fired from Apple a company he helped build because he failed at some point. But He went away to learn not to fall anymore because he who has fallen fears no fall.
When he came back to Apple, those who had not failed could not match him anymore because he has learnt from his mistake.

In 2006, I watched the world cup finals and I saw a legend at the time called Zinedine Zidane about to crown his amazing career with a world cup trophy but he made a mistake and he failed and was shamed in front of the whole world.

Many people taught he was finished but after 10 years in 2016 he has been made the coach of the biggest and richest powerful football club in the whole world called Real Madrid.

Today I want to tell you too not to quit or give up because you have failed in the past.

I love you and I want you to promise me that you too wont give up. "Because when you Keep trying, you will come out flying."

Credit: Solomon Botchway

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  1. Very Apt. Mistake does not make a man. It's man that make mistakes, and the ability to live above them makes you a refined personality.


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