10 Most Effective Ways Of Getting Your Inheritance From Earth

Steve Jobs once said, 'Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it'. Life is to be fought with through hard work before it can surrender to you your inheritance which she has been holding on to the moment you came into the world. 

You must contend with life to subdue to receive the very many blessings it has to offer. Men and women who have become successful in life, have in a way understood that life is a game and you have to be a good game player to make it. Hard work as stated above does not only imply the breaking of stones or excessive use of ones strength but also the usage of the mind or resources to further better humanity. 

A lot of people are not aware of this truth, that the human mind is where the world lies. Every development or damage is as a result of the mind. The mind is where every thought is born. As Napoleon Hill said " Everything we see here on earth is or was born out of some ones thought." E.g, the creation of the earth was made out of Gods thought. Great companies or products were created or made out of thoughts of its founder or manufacturer. 

From this, one would understand that another form of hard work is simply to think, but thinking to better humanity is what makes one successful. As Donald Trump put it " we humans are the ultimate resource. That for every problem that occurs, we can solve it." To combating a problem, a thought must be applied. 

The first most effective way to get your inheritance from life is to THINK. Thinking is a hard task that can be made easy through problem solving. Become a problem solver and millions of thoughts will come. We must not forget that thought is money. 
The second most effective way of getting your inheritance from earth is transferring your thoughts from the spiritual to the physical. Our minds cannot be Seen, read or understood by others because it is hidden. It is spiritual in the first instance. It is where every thought is processed. The mind responds to where the individual finds himself, what he sees or what he hears. 

From these, thoughts are born. Thoughts are intangible that can be made tangible through our behavior, or through the product or service we wish to render. The mind can be controlled. It can be channeled toward the development of the individual, and the society in which he finds himself. The transfer of thought to the physical depends on the action you take. Action is the key. Action could also mean strategy. Simply put it this way "the steps you want to take to bring your thought into life so it can be of value to people around you.". Please, remember that nothing can come into the physical from the spiritual without your permission. 

The third most effective way of getting your inheritance from life is through a product or service. Martin Luther King jr. Said "all humans on earth are consumers. In the first instance, humans must feed and need shelter." For you to be successful you must identify a need and fill it. You must be
able to provide a product or service that will be of value to humanity. Everyone you see on the streets is in need of a product or service. Success comes by giving man his desire. You must channel your thoughts toward creating products or services that man can use continually. Success comes from offering a product or service that is inexpensive and is generally acceptable by the public. 

The fourth most effective way of getting your inheritance from earth is to put others first before yourself. When you do this, you begin to think of how you can be of value to people around you. You begin to think of how you can make life convenient for them. Your innovative ability comes alive. You start to make plans to providing a product or service that will meet their needs . Once this is done, you become of value and you get high patronage. But when you put yourself first, you will belong to the dream of others. You will give your inheritance away to people who are currently meeting your needs. 

The fifth way to get your inheritance from earth is to make people dependent on you. Its a well known fact that "he who makes the rules takes the gold." The way to do this, is to be a decision maker, a service provider or a problem solver. Try becoming any. 

The sixth most effective way of getting your inheritance from earth is seeing failure as an opportunity for change. Abraham lincoln said "I slip and never fall." He also said " if after one defeat we will continue even after a hundred defeats." Winston churchill also said "men should see failure as prevention against greater disaster that would have occurred in the future. Thomas edison also said " we should see failure as a way of not  getting it right. Failure is good. Don't get me wrong. failure makes us wiser and smarter than we were before. It teaches us how to do things better. It shows you how to improve yourself. Its important to note that failure is democratic. It is for everybody. Failure is not an enemy. Its only you that can make failure an enemy if you refuse to change when it comes. See failure as an agent and promoter of change. 
The seventh most effective way of getting your inheritance from earth is the effective use of thy youth. Greater strength can be found in the youth. You should channel your strength into things that are productive now. Winston churchill said " no day should be wasted during the days of your youth for the youth is the master of his fortune." Its what you do with your youth that determines where you will be at old age. 

The eight most effective way of getting your inheritance from earth is conquering fear. Fear builds resistance. Resistance in its simplest form is that force in us that holds us back. A lot of destinies have been ruined due to fear. If you carry fear mentality you will never become an achiever. Achievers are courageous people. Achievers are those who see fear as nothing but mental. Norman pearl puts it this way "fear is nothing but mental." All human actions are mind actions. It is the pictures and thoughts we develop in our minds we follow as human beings. If all you see in your mind is your inability to achieve what you want due to fear, you will never go past your present condition. You then become stagnant and start to stink. To do exploit, just take that bold step over fear into the many blessings the earth has to offer. 

The ninth most effective way of getting your inheritance from earth is rendering free service. Free service is a way of creating attention. It is the easiest way of getting the world to know about your product or service. Free service takes you from nowhere to somewhere. It turns you from nothing to somebody. E.g. The story of Joseph in the bible is a clear example of what free service can do. Joseph interpreted the kings dream that made him governor over Egypt and made him a
wonder before his brothers that sold him. 

Take a look at this: if Joseph had sold the interpretation, his story wouldn't have ended on a good note. A lot of us can be like Joseph for our destinies might be tied to free service. It was also free service that gave Thomas Edison the kind of money he was looking for at the age of 21. You should try as much as possible to make yourself available when opportunity calls to render free service. 

The tenth most effective way of getting your inheritance from earth is improving the works done by others. Change, they say is inevitable. Works such as inventions stick with the periods they were invented. As time goes on they become outdated. For continuity of purpose, they need to be advanced to meet up with change. Its your duty to find and locate which, you can make improvements on that will be of value at the moment. 
Madubuko kenechukwu said "old things have become slow in modern times where speed is required."
Part of "Thomas Edison's " fame came from the improvements he did on the works of great inventors of his time.

Beloveth, I hope you find the above write up interesting and worth taking action. Continue putting your thought into reality to benefit our world positively.
We are able through Christ who strenghten us, it is well with you and those who wish you well. God bless you as you work towards getting your inheritance from the earth. 

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