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Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye

Text: Isaiah 6:8

Transformation simply means you change the form. The greatest transformation is to change an animal to a man. As far as God is concerned, all human beings are in two categories, Dogs & Children, Mathew 15:21-28.
  • Who are in the categories of dogs? Revelation 22:15,
  • Who are in the categories of children? 1 John 3:10

When you are a true child of God, there is something in you that makes it extremely difficult for you to lie. If you are born of God, there is a seed in you that will not make you do what is contrary to God. God can change someone who is dog to a son and can also change a son to dog, Daniel 4:28-37, Luke 19:1-10, John 6:37, 2 Corinthians 5:17. If you want to move from the categories of dog to a son, you have to accept Jesus as your Lord & Saviour. Give your life to Jesus.

God is a great transformer. He transform darkness to Light, He can change sickness to permanent health. Exodus 15:26, He can change storm to absolute peace, Mark 4:35-41, He can change tears to Joy, Rev 21:4.

God is a great transformer but He loves to use man as an Agent. Genesis 1:26-28, God created something new, He created man. Genesis 2:19-20. The moment God created man, He wanted man to become an Agent.

Moses: Exodus 3:1-15, Exodus 14:13-28
Elijah: 1 Kings 18:1-35
Philip: Act 8:5-8

Why make man an agent?
The reason God made man an agent is because there are some certain catalyst man must have to bring about transformation. 2 kings 4:1-7, Genesis 2:18-25, 3:1-11, James 4:2
Prayer: Father, hear my cry today, transform my situation.

2. Faith in God, Hebrew 11:6, 1 King 18:21, Daniel 11:32
God want you to show that you believe in Him and demonstrate it. Romans 1:17, Gala 3:11, Hebrew 10:38, Mathew 9:27-30. God expect your faith to be like that of a child, Mathew 18:3
Prayer: Father, I believe in You, please honour my faith

3. Praise: Psalm 22:3, 50:23. God appreciate those who praise Him. God hates ingratitude, Luke 17:12-18
2 chronicles 20:20-35, Psalm 67:5-7

My sun is rising again 2ce
Thank you my Abba Father
My sun is rising again
My Joy shall flow again 2ce
Thank you my Abba father
My Joy shall roll again
The mountain shall be gone 2ce
Thank you my Abba father
The mountain shall be song
My rain is falling again 2ce
Join me shout Halleluyah
My rain is falling again

He needs you to be His agent, He need your hands to heal the sick, He needs your mouth to introduce Him to the world, Mathew 28:18-19, He needs your mouth to cast out demons, He needs your legs to go and take His miracle power to the world, He needs you for the transformation of Nigeria, Ezekiel 22:30.

In conclusion, every agent of transformation must have an encounter with God. Every agent of transformation must have a taste of divine fire. Every agent of transformation must be taken apart, body, soul and spirit and then give a taste of fire, Mathew 3:11. You can not be an agent of transformation on your own strength.

Prayer: Father, I am ready, let the fire fall.

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