In Search Of Mr Perfect (Episode 19)

Imabasi had returned back to London with Miriam and Richard.

They were in the air plane when Imabasi remembered her mother’s words. She chuckled and took a deep breath and then turned to Miriam, who was sitting right beside her.

My mom wanted to introduce me to another pastor. ugh, this time a prophet. She said that the man of God revealed to her that my great-great grand father had married all his grandchildren spiritually.”

Miriam laughed aloud and then said, “Our people still believe in those things?”
Yes. And I think my great great grand father was gay to have married all his grandchild spiritually. Which means he married my brother too.”

Miriam gazed at her and gave a loud laugh.

Is everything fine baby?” Richard asked. Miriam nodded while laughing. “Ima’s grand daddy was gay.” she whispered into Richard’s ears. He chuckled as they all laughed out so Loud, waking the other passengers who were already asleep.

For a long Moment, Imabasi’s mood changed. She was now calm and quiet.
Are you okay?” Miriam asked softly.
A long moment passed before she nodded.

I will miss you when I resume work at my new school.” She said in a low tone.
They laced their fingers together and stared at each other’s hands.
I will be visiting you. You will like it there.” Miriam said.

Imabasi frowned, looking into her eyes as if she could find the truth reflected there.
Victor must be married by now.” Imabasi said as she took away her gaze to the window.

Miriam squeezed her hands.
I don’t think so. They didn’t fix a date yet. You still think of Victor?”
She shook her Head.

“Not really. I just suddenly started liking him. Don’t worry, I will get over it soon.”
Richard is taking me to Australia for our honeymoon. Perth Australia!” She whispered into Imabasi’s ears.

Wow. Australia is beautiful. My brother did a one year medical program in Sidney, Australia.”

Nice, I will be there too.” She said lyrically as she dropped her neck on Richard’s laps.

Imabasi realized that she was exhausted and feeling sleepy.
Briefly her eyes closed, and opened again when she saw Victor kissing Monica in her imaginations.

She squeezed her eyes shut, and played with her imaginations, this time she was the bride, while Victor was the groom.

She Imagined kissing him and holding his hands. She imagined her mom dancing with the Catholic women organization in her church In London.
She thought about the kiss she had with Victor in her imagination until she got to London.
Sandville boarding school smelt of something Imabasi didn’t like. She didn’t like the way the students stared at her from their classroom windows.

The staff quarter manager led her to her apartment. She took several deep breaths as she walked around the one bedroom flat that was built with bricks and woods.
She loved the house, and she had imagined how Miriam would have felt if she saw the house too; she would have liked it.

Thank you.” She said softly to the staff quarters manager as he dropped her box on the floor.

The proprietor will like to see you now Miss. He said politely as he showed Imabasi the way to the proprietor’s office.
She cautiously climbed the stairs and took a deep breath when she finally saw ‘The Proprietor’s office’ pasted on the door.

Sir, Miss ‘imorbossi’ is here, the new teacher. ” The quarters manager said aloud, mispronouncing Imabasi’s name as a frown tightened her face.
Let her in.” A bold voice said from inside the office.

He is ready to see you now Miss.” He walked away, leaving her alone in front of the office.

She covered her eyes for a moment and shook her head.
She walked slowly into the office. She was standing near a table where a world globe was. Her eyes widened as Victor’s gaze swept her off, he turned his chair, facing her.

Hello new Teacher?”
She took a deep breath before answering him furiously.
I am here to see the proprietor.”

Victor seemed undaunted. ” I am the proprietor. This is my family’s business. My mom being British got this place before I was born. Respect me for that, I am now your new boss.”

Miriam never told me that you owned this school.”

Was it really necessary? All you needed was the job right? and not to see my face.”
She stood for a moment undecided, and then looked up at Victor and saw the strained expression on his face.

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Credit: Vicky Bon
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