How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Transformed Your Life At 40

From age 40 years and above, as we grow older, there is nothing better than a total life style change to preserve us and keep us healthy and spiritual awareness.

In the story of how eagles undergo a rebirth in other to live long, though the story is a work of fiction but it uses the story to pass a message of taking decision to change our lifestyle. The author wrote, ''eagles can live for up to 70 years if they go through a prolonged and painful process of rebirth during their 40th year. 

According to the story, to be “reborn” at forty, the eagle must retreat to its nest on a mountain top, first knock off and then regrow its beak, then pluck out and regrow its talons and, finally, pluck out and regrow its feathers, a process that takes 150 days. Thus renewed, the eagle can take its “flight of rebirth” and go on to live another thirty years''. 

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The philosophical message behind this story – that we often need to undergo a painful and prolonged process of change in our lives in order to spiritually grow and move forward – is certainly worth heeding.

If you still wants to be acting like a child after 40, ride on and keep living like a child, It was once said ''a fool at 40 is a fool forever'' and it will be difficult for such person acting like a child to make it to the middle age. If however such individuals make it, while living like children, then they might suffer a lot of health problems as they age.

One of the first things someone over forty years should consider, will be a life of moderation.
Drink moderately, eat healthy and wisely, sleep enough and don't deprive yourself of sleep because of partying, hanging out and all such youthful desires and occupations.

Regular exercises should not be missed. Because at the age of forty and above the vital organs of a human being will need some aiding to function properly through exercising.
Any man or woman who after 40 still consumes alcohol like a little boy or girl and indulge freely in all the things he or she did at age 20, or say 25, does not understand that the body is no more the same as it used to be.

Many deaths, stroke, erectile dysfunction issues, heart problems, etc, that occur amongst middle age people today, can be avoided if people of this age group will just embark on a life style change.

I have seen friends, neighbours and relatives who like me are middle agers  but suffer like old men, die untimely, play with so much Viagra because of erectile problem. This ought not to be, life style change is the answer.

At middle age a lot of changes takes place in us, living us not as strong as we use to be before, therefore we can't put unnecessary pressures that only youthful bodies can take, on our aging bodies.
Eating time should be reduced to 7pm, because anything after 8pm is poison to the system of a middle aged person. 

Red meat should be substituted with white meat. Sugar, iced cold water, lots of salt, should be avoided. Load up on high-fiber fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Your whole digestive system does slow as you age, so fiber is very important. Consume fiber-rich foods such as whole grains, fruit, and vegetables. 

They will help you feel more energetic and give you fuel to keep going.
Regular check up on our blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, breast, prostrate and so on will be very helpful. 

Bless you all fellow middle agers, we have gotten to that stage when we don't think of every other person and leave ourselves unattended to, think of yourself more now, you need you to stay well.
After the age of 50 one may experience many types of illnesses. But the one I am most worried about is Alzheimer's. 

Not only would I not be able to look after myself, but it would cause a lot of inconvenience to family members.
One day, my son came home and told me that a doctor friend has taught him an exercise using the tongue. The tongue exercise is effective to reduce the onset of Alzheimer's and is also useful to reduce/improve:

1. Body weight
2. Hypertension
3. Blood-Clot in Brain
4. Asthma
5. Far-sightedness
6. Ear buzzing
7. Throat infection
8. Shoulder / Neck infection
9. Insomnia

The moves  are very simple and easy to learn. Each morning, when you wash your face, in front of a mirror, do the exercise as below:

Stretch out your tongue and move it to the right then to the left for 10 times.
Since I started exercising my tongue daily,  there was improvement in my Brain Retention.
My mind was clear and fresh and there were other improvements too.
1. Far sightedness lesser
2. No giddiness 
3. Improved wellness
4. Better digestion
5. Lesser flu / cold

I am stronger and more agile.

The tongue exercise helps to control and prevent Alzheimer's disease. Medical research has found that the tongue has connection with the BIG Brain. When our body becomes old and weak, the first sign to appear is that our tongue becomes stiff and often we tend to bite ourselves.

Frequently exercising your tongue will stimulate the brain, help to reduce our thoughts from shrinking and thus achieve a healthier body. Senior Citizens. "Doctors encouraged each person receiving this newsletter to forward it to another ten people, certainly at least one life will be saved ... 

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