The best things about Android smartphones and other devices is that they have an extensive app ecosystem that gives access to numerous applications. 

As soon as you open Google Play Store, you gain instant access to thousands of applications. Some of them may set you back a penny or two, however, most of them are free. You can try a new app for some mundane task you would like to carry out of simply for entertainment on a daily basis. 

However, the experience of using these apps isn’t always a smooth one.

Your favorite app is capable of freezing at any time or worse: crashing. It doesn’t matter what kind of Android device you’re using; every Android user has experienced an app crashing at one point or another. If you have this problem where apps keep closing on your Android device, there are a variety of solutions you can try out.

Why Apps crash on Android?
What will you do if Apps keep crashing on your Android devices? A quick suggestion: do not move on to solving the Android Apps crashing issue immediately. Rather, pay some attention towards the real causes behind why Apps keep crashing on Android.

We understand it can be annoying when you are using your favorite App and it suddenly stops or hangs and you are directed back to the Home Screen. This usually occurs when you update your device software but forget to download App updates from the Play Store. 
Also, when your WiFi or cellular data is slow or unstable, Apps tend to malfunction. 

Another reason for Android Apps crashing problem is the lack of storage space in your device.
This occurs when you overload your device’s internal memory with heavy Apps, games, photos, videos, audio files, documents and what not. 

This clogs up your internal memory as well as corrupts the device’s cache partition and Apps cache and data.

Just like the reasons which cause Apps to crash, the solutions listed and explained below are also easy to understand and simple to implement.

Restart the device to fix Apps crashing issue

Restarting a device when Apps keep crashing Android problem occurs does not sound convincing enough, but, it has helped a lot of users and is known to solve many types of software and App related issues because it shuts down all background operations.

All you need do to restart your device is press the Power button of your device for about 2-3 seconds.
From the options that appear, select “Restart” and wait for your phone to reboot itself.

Launch the App once the phone switches on again. This should solve the Android Apps crashing problem, but only temporarily.

Clear App data and cache to fix App crashing issue.

This method resolves the Android Apps crashing issue by wiping off unnecessary App data stored in your device. 

To clear all App cache and data Visit “Settings” and select “Apps” from “Application Manager”.
The methods are helpful in solving App specific problems. In case all your Apps tend to crash, adopt the methods given ahead.

Free up space on Android to fix App crashing issue
Running out of storage space on your Android device is very common because we end up saving numerous files which occupy a lot of the device’s memory.

Delete unwanted Apps and store all your other files on cloud or your Google Account. You may use Secured Digital Card (SD Card) and save data on it to create space in the device’s internal memory for important Apps to function smoothly.

To move unnecessary Apps to SD card, visit “Settings” and go to “Application Manager”. Now select the App you wish to move and click on “Move to SD Card”.

Reinstall the App to fix crash issue
Improper App installation may also cause Android Apps crashing problem. You must download the App from the Google Play Store and use it only after it is successfully and completely installed on your device.

If your Apps stops abruptly, delete/uninstall the App from your device and install it back carefully after a few minutes.

To uninstall Apps on Android device, visit “Settings” and search for “Application Manager” or “Apps”. Select the App you wish to uninstall, say for example “FIFA”
From the options that appear before you, click on “Uninstall” to delete the App from your device.

Now wait for a few minutes and then re-install the App by visiting Google Play Store. Search for the App name and click on “Install”. You will also find the deleted App in “My Apps and games” on your Play store.

Optimize Internet connection to fix App crashing issue

Apps keep crashing Android issue is sometimes attributable to a poor, slow or unstable internet connection. If you are using your cellular data, switch to WiFi and try using the App or vice-versa. If the problem still persists, here is what you can do:

1. Switch off your Mobile Data/WiFi router for about ten minutes.
2. Restart your device.
3. Switch on Mobile Data or turn on the router and connect to WiFi.
4. Try using another network connection if the App still crashes and does not run normally.

Optimizing your network’s strength usually works. If not, don't worry. Here is one more thing for you to try.

Factory reset to fix App crashing issue
Factory Resetting your Android device must be your last resort because it deletes all data and device settings.

To conclude, if your Android Apps are crashing, don't give up on them. Follow the methods given above as they will definitely help you.

Thank you for your time with us.

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