Freedom At Last, through Christ

When Yeshua (Jesus Christ) found me, I was homeless and I was drowning in my sin. I wanted to end my life, and the sheer pain and trauma of life led me to cry out to God with all my heart one night as I contemplated suicide.

I was born into generational witchcraft, and I was raised as a spiritist. My family taught me how to practice witchcraft, black magic, and etc. We would practice every Sunday at our house. We engaged in magic circles, my grandmother was a physic medium who was supposed to teach me to do the same. 

Spiritism is a wicked and twisted deception of the enemy because sadly, many people don’t have bad intentions in practicing it and they truly believe they are doing something good. I didn’t know any better as a child but later on in life I would discover that all the problems in my life stemmed from this deep, rooted issue of the spiritual. I did all I could to distract myself from the empty, dark void I felt inside.

I started smoking weed at age 12, drinking at age 14.. by the time I was 16 I was doing hard drugs. I did LSD, shrooms, ecstasy, molly, cocaine, adderall and even DMT. I was addicted for years.

I was also a victim of sexual abuse. I was raised not just in a demonic filled home, but also the devil had plagued my family with the shackles of drunkenness, sexual immorality, pedophilia, and much more dark stuff..

Childhood trauma completely destroyed my self image, and my life was a disaster due to my deep hatred of self. This led to endless sin. After doing drugs like crazy, and being promiscuous, I decided to become obsessed with money. Anything to fill the void. Anything to find a sense of identity, a sense of significance. But often, this innocent desire can quickly become self-destructive.

I was willing to lie, deceive, sacrifice family time, miss out on special occasions, take advantage of people who trusted me and step on competitors’ heads to climb higher in my pursuit of success.

I became a superficial shell of idolatry, lacking any true meaning or depth inside. My entire life revolved around my image. And an image that I was fabricating at that, trying to invent a person that the world would find acceptable and important.

I always wanted more and more and more. It was never enough. I would always see other people who had more possessions, more accolades, more admiration from others. I wanted to beat everyone, because that’s all my life was about. It was an endless cycle of trying to gain validation from man, and always left me feeling more empty than fulfilled.

When I met Jesus, that’s when everything changed. The gospel of Christ Crucified and Resurrected for my sin, SAVED ME from feeling worthless, drug addiction, suicidal thoughts, money worship, self-idolatry, pride of life, needing validation from man, promiscuity, anger and bitterness in my heart, narcissistic tendencies, greed, feelings of superiority, entitlement, jealousy, so much more!!! and ultimately HELL! PRAISE JESUS CHRIST!!! Only JESUS SAVES!

I was at rock bottom. Homeless, drowning in sin, and contemplating ending it all. Born into generational witchcraft, drugs became my escape, numbing the pain of trauma and abuse. I chased after money, seeking validation and significance in all the wrong places.

But Jesus intervened. His love shattered my chains, His grace lifted me from despair. The gospel transformed me, freeing me from worthlessness, addiction, and self-destruction. Only Jesus could save me from the grip of sin and the emptiness of chasing worldly desires.

2 Corinthians 5:17  "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!" This truth became my reality. Jesus made me new, giving me purpose and hope beyond anything I could imagine!

I urge you to trust in Jesus alone. He is the way, the truth, and the life. No matter how broken or lost you feel, His love can redeem and restore you. Surrender & experience the transformative power of finding your identity in Christ and Christ alone!

By Stephany Escobar

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