What To Do When God is Silent On Your Struggles

Good day brethren. Let me ask you this question, have you ever feel like Jesus couldn’t possibly know what you are going through?

He’s the God of the universe after all! Does he really know your daily struggles? 

The good news is: He does.

The time of waiting, quiet/silent time is like, when you come back home seriously hungry and your wife is seriously busy, meticulously preparing the best food for you, but due to your current predicament, you are set for anything that could quench your hunger. 

Unknown to many of us, God is always concerned about how we feel and before we even open our mouth, He already know what we want or need. 

But now, there was no answer coming from Him, what we receive is silent. Like in the story of Easter, Christ was active on Friday and on Sunday, same thing with God. But on Saturday both was silent. 

In this situation, what you need to do is to replicate what Christ did. Lie still.  Stay silent. Trust God. Jesus died with this conviction: ''God will not abandon me to the grave, nor will He let His Holy one see decay'' -Acts 2:27.

You need to trust God that he will never leave you alone with your struggles.

I want you to know that God silence is not God absence, inactivity is never apathy.

I know as human it is very difficult to wait and wait without getting what we prayed for but I want you to be patient. 

Let me close this with James 5:7 "Be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord''. 

...though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. Habakkuk 2:3b. 

Now it is your turn to share your own experience about how you handled or reacted when it seem God is not answering or when he did not even anwered at all. We would like to hear from you by commenting below.

God bless you richly.
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