I rolled out of bed looking like a corpse bride. I was grudgingly wandering around the room and looking for what to wear to Church that morning. Then I noticed everywhere was calm and quiet. 

"Where are my children?" I asked myself. I hurriedly ran out to check and didn't find anyone at home. 

Then I saw a yellow sticky note on the reading desk. 

I opened it hastily and it read 'Breakfast set for my pregnant wife, see us in church for a welcome party. love, David.'

There was something about this particular Sunday morning, it had a smell of peace, love and hope.

When David broke my heart I wept, but the holy spirit led me to Job 22:28 which says "thou shall decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee; and the light shall shine upon thy ways."

Then I went to him and cried out my eyes, I decreed that I wanted my home back, my husband and the church we founded together, he heard me. 

It's amazing how things can change back to normal in such a short period of time, oh the wonders of manifestation of the Lord worked. My services in his vineyard paid me off. 

I wore my favorite dress, the one I bought from le dress, west division street, Chicago. 

I applied a foundation powder on my face after a very long while. I wanted to look like a beautiful bride, whose groom awaited at the church podium.

It was a special day, the day I reunited with my family and the congregation of hills ministries, both old and new members. 

I drove myself to church that morning, feeling beautiful in my satin lilac gown, and my Dorothy Perkins stiletto heel. The cream fascinator I pined to my hair had a long peacock feather on it, which gave me a perfect stylish look.

There was something about the scent I used, Avon fire reminded me of the real day I wedded David. Everything about this day was beautiful. 

I stepped into the church auditorium like a goddess of peace and hope. 

I was a symbol of God's beauty. 

David was about to give the sermon of the day when my presence got his attention. 

There was this cool tension that covered the atmosphere. 

I held my gaze, I didn't waver, didn't even blink an eye. 

All I heard was screams and multiple hands clapping. It felt like I was about to go receive an Oscar award, it was the best moment of my life, the day God rewrote my story.

David shot me a rueful look and walked towards me, he seemed surprise. 

David regarded me with a cool, penetrated gaze that seemed to see through my soul.

"Welcome my love." He whispered to my ears. 

He hoisted me off the ground, as if I weighed not more than a favoured rag doll. 

There was more screams in the air as he held me down the podium. I could hear the choir screaming "thank you Jesus." 

Then I stood by him, he was ready to tell the story. 

"the Lord is good?" he said huskily, placing his mouth on the microphone. 

"I am a living witness." the church answered in unison. 

Then he began to talk. Lizzy and the kids were on the front roll, excitedly waiting to hear him speak. 

Then I looked up, there was a large crowd, it was the largest service I had ever seen.

The whole church stood still as he cleared his throat and began the narration. 

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Credit: Vicky Bon
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