I felt a sudden urge to smile through my tears. Romance is such a wonderful thing.

We were in America and it was Autumn, and the trees had grown antlers. David had given the kids and I a surprise holiday trip.

I stood by the window, admiring David and the girls playing basket ball on the small field. The Vacation house was striking, specially built for a family vacation. 

I walked over the balcony and caught my breath. I gaze upon a sweeping lawn, then spotted a tempting path that led past a tinkling fountain. Oak, hickory, and dogwood trees vied for space in the huge area. I imagined how beautiful the grounds would be in spring when the dogwoods were in bloom.

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Moments later, after he made the kids to sleep, he was right behind me. He held me backwardly and held my face with his hands. His glance blazed down at me.
"Thank you for having me back my love." 
He whispered.

For a long, unsettling moment I sensed him grow still, and his gaze seemed to excavate deep inside my soul.
"mom announced yesterday that she doesn't wanna be bishop anymore." He said looking directly into my eyes.

"How did you hear that?"

"The archbishop Desmond Delaney informed me yesterday, that he just got the resignation letter."
"she would give her life to Christ fully now." I thought aloud.
"She is making a public confession at the church head branch on Sunday, we won't be there."

"She is still your mother. You grew under her shadows, you still have to take care of her and be by her side, especially now." My voice broke into a whisper.

His lips formed a smile, he brought down his head and kissed my big tummy.
How I survived without the utterly necessary intimacy with my husband over these days haunted me.

"I have longed for your touch." I said, pushing myself to him.
"And do you know how long I have wanted this special moment?" he responded, his rich voice threaded with unconstrained passion.

He emitted a harsh voiced groan and kissed me hard, so hard that my teeth and lips connected roughly with his.

He became gentle when he remembered I was pregnant. His wide eyes were on my stomach. His hunger for me reached out for me and filled the wild, empty spaces in my own longing, so when he took me, penetrating deep thrust, everything inside of me softened willingly. 

It had always been like this, until the day Ifeoma came into our lives. But things were about to get even better.

Kissing my tears away, he drove hard into my body and fell against me after a while. our bodies were lightly sheened with sweat. As the erotic scent of vanilla and strawberry on our skin mingled.

I wrapped myself in his arms and willed my tears of hurts away. Instead of dwelling in the past, I held on the precious moments like an unexpected matchless gift, and nobody would take that away from me.

We visited our new church in Houston and there was joy in our hearts as David stood on the podium. It was the beginning of a new chapter in our lives, God made this book beautiful.


Credit: Vicky Bon
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