In Search of Mr Perfect(Episode 11)

The day was sweltering, and Miriam put on her sunglasses all through in the car, until they got home. She was quiet all the while, and Imabasi wondered what was going on with her.
When Troy stopped the car right before their house, Miriam was the first to alight hastily.
The first step she took was jarring.

Imabasi gave Troy a kiss on the lip and walked as fast as she could behind her friend.

"You don't seem okay?" Imabasi asked sadly.
"I am fine. I am not just in the mood." Miriam retorted.
"No you're not. You were so excited to join Troy and I for a weekend vacation. And then this morning, you said you wanted to come back home."

Miriam clicked the door open as she glared at Imabasi. "Richard wants me."
"That's not true. You told Richard you were going to be with Troy and I this weekend. And he allowed you, because you said he has something to do in Loxford. Why are you lying to me? Don't you like Troy?" Imabasi asked with a stern look.

Miriam sniffed in disgust as she threw her handbag on the sofa.
"Where was Troy last night, few hours after dinner?" Miriam asked, her face suffused with bitterness.

"I was deeply asleep...Most times he plays the PS3 game in the sitting room, so I am sure he was there while I was asleep."

"No, you're not sure. He was right in the guest room, running his hands down my thighs, trying to reach my panties, so he could sleep with me and...."
"Stop it, stop it this minute! My Troy isn't the person you're talking about right now. I won't have you talk about my boyfriend like that. He loves me, he will never want any other woman."

Miriam said softly,
"I didn't want to tell you this. But you forced me to. This is the last time I am going to talk to you about Troy. He is not the guy you think he is. He is a womanizer, he a cheat, he is worse than a rapist, he is a...."

"Just shut up! You're jealous. You're jealous of me, you can't have him. He is better than your Richard, whom you wash his dirty linens and you're just so tired of his boring, stupid, dirty life! My Troy is much better. I can't even compare him to your Richard. I don't wanna ever see you cross my bedroom door. 

Stay in your lane, I stay in mine."  She glared angrily at her as she walked away, and she turned back in time to see Miriam's fury. Miriam actually smiled, a bittered smile, which only mad her angrier.

There was disappointment written all over Miriam's face. She didn't know what to say or do. She lowered herself on the sofa, breathing in and out.
Suddenly, Imabasi flew out from the room to the sitting room, she stood before Miriam and said, "I brought you from Nigeria to London, I organized your visa, bought you a ticket. 

I made you, I made.  And now, you wanna pay me back by ruining the only perfect thing I have ever had."
Miriam pretended not to hear her, but instead stared at her angry reddish face.

"As I told you earlier, you're dating a male whore! If there is any word like that. If I had known, I would have screamed the roof down when he came to me last night. But I pitied him. I pitied you. I didn't wanna see that tears in your eyes, I didn't wanna see the shame.

He couldn't even get his eyes off my breast. My Richard can never be so lustful towards a woman, not even my friend. Instead of you raising your voice, and embarrassing yourself here, why not go investigate more on this guy. 

You don't know him. Whatever he told you about himself are all lies. He is a Casanova, and he is never going to change, not even because of you. Because you're so naive and stupid!"
Miriam said with anger in her tone, while Imabasi nodded tearily.

Miriam took her handbag and walked away with long strides, her voice deepening several tones when she said, "get out of my way!"

Credit: Vicky Bon
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