In Search of Mr Perfect(Episode 10)

Troy made pork pies and Bratwurst stew with sauerkraut.
He lined the bowls of food on the dinning table and after the cutleries and  plates were set, he called on Imabasi and Miriam.

"Ladies, food is ready." He said aloud.
Imabasi became excited as she held Miriam's hand and sat on the chair.
"Troy is a good cook." Imabasi said excitedly.
"Good for you." Miriam retorted unusually.
The three of them began to eat. Miriam didn't like the pork pies, but she liked the bratwurst stew, and she ate more of it.

"You're a good cook." Miriam said, turning her gaze to Troy.
"I am glad you like it." He said as his gaze traveled from her face down to her breasts, and when Miriam felt the hardness of his stare, she became uncomfortable and uneasy.
"I am filled." She said, and dropped the fork and the knife.

"So soon? You should eat more." Troy said soothingly.
She studied him for a moment before she answered.
"No, I am fine." Miriam said softly.
Imabasi gaze at Miriam immediately and took off her eyes. She suspected something wasn't right with Miriam, but she wasn't sure what it was.

Imabasi led Miriam to the guest room after they had a bottle of white wine. The room didn't have a door, and she was scared of sleeping there alone.
"Can you come stay with me here please?" Miriam said.

"Of course not. Troy will want me in his arms." She stared directly at Miriam's eyes and said, "Is everything alright with you? You are not comfortable here."
"I will be fine." Miriam said, and walked into the room, leaving the light switch on.

A moment later, Miriam was sleeping soundly when a hand lightly ran through her thighs.
In confusion, she blinked her eyes, disoriented for a moment, and then her eyes widened on Troy.
Everything came rushing back to her at once, when she sat up quickly, she realized that he was naked. His heart slammed into his gut, and he quickly stood up from the bed. 

His voice was low when he said, "I fell in love with you the moment I saw you, let's make love to seal this please. I can tell your friend that I don't love her anymore, it's you Miriam."
Miriam was shaking in horror.

"Please just leave here before I scream. I am going to scream, you can't love me. You're not what Ima thinks you're. You're a Casanova, you're a player, and if you lay your hands on me, I will arrest you, I will tell the police that you are a rapist. And you know what that means?" Miriam said in a shaky tone, as she held the duvet to herself. 

"You have a beautiful skin, breast and butt. I love it." He whispered, his words hit with full force.
"Get out please. Just go..." Miriam said in a low, but deeper voice.
She gave him a scathing glare as he walked out of the room.

She mumbled under her breath, biting back an angry retort.
She couldn't sleep anymore. She sat up on the bed, thinking about how she was going to tell her best friend, that the man she claims loves her so much sneaked into her thighs in the middle of the night.
It sounded heavy in Miriam's mouth, she wondered how Imabasi was going to feel when she tells her of Troy's behavior.

Through the endless sleepless night, she had thought of Imabasi and Troy. She recalled how Imabasi boasted about him, and thought of how she was going to feel if she found out that he wasn't just that guy she thought he was, he was worse than the others.

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