We all know that the period of pregnancy can be very tough, this is a period when the pregnant woman can be in a very delicate state of mind and body. Every sharp word or a glance can upset and distress her a lot. This is why a prayer during pregnancy can be a great support and shield for both the mother and the baby inside her against all the negative thoughts and emotions.

A simple prayer like this, ''Dear Lord, thank you for the miracle of creation that is taking place inside me right now. Perfect be your work that is being done inside my womb in the name of Jesus. 

In your name, I order my body to work perfectly to help the baby grow and develop in the name of Jesus. 

May I and my child be healthy now and when the pregnancy is over in the name of Jesus. 

Wrap us with your love, give my baby the fire of life in the name of Jesus, Amen''. go a long way to calm the storm of pregnancy.

Prayerfully study the under listed scriptures, meditate on them, and keep them at the back of your mind as you pray the following prayers regularly.

Bible Reference:
Gen. 17:21, Gen. 18:10, Gen. 18:14, Gen. 25:21, Exod. 1:15-20, Exod. 23:25-26, Isa. 66:8-9, Song 4:2, I Tim. 2:15, Psalm 127:3-5, Isa. 54:14-15,17

1. Lord Jesus, I thank you for the conception of this baby, I receive it as a special gift from you: empower me to carry it unto safe delivery in Jesus name.

2. Dear Lord, watch over me and monitor proper development of this baby unto save delivery in Jesus name.

3. I conceive this pregnancy with pleasure; I will also deliver it with joy in Jesus name.

4. Every food I eat and every drug that I will take will not work contrary to my health or that of my baby in Jesus name.

5. Biological and emotional changes associated with pregnancy will not overpower me or affect my health negatively in Jesus name.

6. This pregnancy will not disorganize my emotional, nervous and physical stability in Jesus name. I shall not suffer any form of disorder and abnormal medical situation associated with pregnancy in Jesus name.

7. I receive the strength of the Hebrew women in the land of Egypt to carry this baby successfully unto safe and speedy delivery in Jesus name.

8. The protection of God will envelope my life and my baby and makes it difficult and impossible for the enemy to attack us in Jesus name.

9. No arrow of satanic attack will succeed against me and the baby of my womb in Jesus name.

10. God of perfection let your Spirit monitor every stage of my baby development and disallow deformity of every form in Jesus name.

11. The precious blood of Jesus will protect my baby from every form of antenatal and postnatal infections in Jesus name.

12. The destiny of my baby will not respond to any form of antenatal or postnatal spell in Jesus name.

13. At the hour of delivery I will not lack the power to put to bed and my baby will not lack the strength to arrive safely in Jesus name.

14. My blood and the blood of my baby will resist every form of satanic pollution and contamination in Jesus name.

15. Prolong labour that leads to frustration and tiredness will not be associated with my delivery in Jesus name.

16. I receive the grace to maintain a Christian attitude and bridle my tongue at the hour of labour in Jesus name.

17. Sanctify my heart oh Lord and saturate my mind with songs of deliverance to exercise a Christian tongue at the hour of labour in Jesus name.

18. Only Doctors, Nurses and Persons ordained by God will be present at the point of my delivery in Jesus name.

19. God’s wind of destruction will drive away every agents of darkness that may have evil assignment on my day of delivery in Jesus name.

20. Every household enemy that rises against me and my baby be paralyzed and tied down in the name of Jesus Christ.

21. Let every equipment that shall be used on me be sanctified by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.

22. The environment of my delivery will be charged with God’s presence and shall not be conducive for any form of satanic operation in Jesus name.

23. Angels of God will be present to assist the Doctor and Nurses that will take my delivery in Jesus name.

24. Complications that lead to surgical operation will not accompany my delivery in Jesus name.

25. My baby will not be born into poverty and frustration and we will not beg to give my baby a befitting naming ceremony in Jesus name.

26. My baby will not answer any traditional name that will remind me of circumstantial sorrow in Jesus name. (I Chron. 4:9-10)

27. The memory of my day of delivery will always stimulate joy and thanksgiving in Jesus name.

28. The baby that shall be born unto me will be a child with great destiny in God in Jesus name.

29. The baby of my womb will be filled with the Holy Spirit and seed of greatness in Jesus name.

30. Delay and misfortune will not be associated with my baby from the womb and while growing up in Jesus name.

31. My baby will be properly positioned for normal delivery in Jesus name.

32. I refuse to be manipulated by powers of darkness to commit mistake that will affect the health and destiny of my baby in Jesus name.

33. I refuse every form of evil news and negative emotional situations that can lead to premature delivery in Jesus name.

34. My baby will be born with all the necessary fitness to live a normal life in Jesus name.

35. My husband will be alive to play his fatherly role. Satan will not substitute my older children with the new baby in Jesus name.

36. None of the people that shall take the delivery of my baby shall co-operate with the enemy to afflict me in Jesus name.

37. My blood will not be wasted at delivery and I will not suffer any post delivery crises or abnormality in Jesus name.

38. I will be alive to breastfeed my living baby in Jesus name.

39. The baby that shall be born unto me will be a blessing and not a burden in Jesus name.

40. I vow to recognize that I am a caretaker who must bring up the child in the way of the Lord. Help me to do so Lord, in Jesus name.

You will bring forth your baby in good health and alive in Jesus name, amen.

Our message is the kingdom of GOD. Our mission is to prepare you for it.

There is love in sharing, kindly share this prayer to all the pregnant women you want to delivered safely, and via your social media.
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