Two hours later, Harry was in the kitchen, opening empty pots. He opened the refrigerator and gave a loud sigh.

“You didn’t cook?” He said aloud from the kitchen.

Atimma took the last gulp of juice from the glass cup and spooned more rice into her mouth, she pretended as if she didn’t hear him. Harry walked into the sitting room with an angry gaze on her.
“You didn’t cook?” He asked again, this time more authoritatively.

“Did you give me money to cook for you? this food I am eating now, it’s Linda who bought it for me from Food affairs.” She said, still munching the food in her mouth.

“And you didn’t think of cooking for me? at least you know that I have not had food since yesterday.”

“And who are you? Can’t you see that I am pregnant already? Harry you’re heartless. I am pregnant, I am the one working and paying bills, I paid for this place. You still want me to cook after working at the office since morning? What have you been doing?” She gave a mock shudder, when she saw that Harry was staring at her sternly.

“I am raising blocks for building. The little money I am being paid daily is for mama’s hospital bill. You know very well that you can assist in providing for you and I for now, while I hustle a little bit longer.” He said weakly.

“You now lay blocks?” Atimma asked again in a funny way. She handed the chicken bone to Harry, he nodded and walked into the kitchen. He got water from the refrigerator and gulped it down till his stomach got filled. Then walked tiredly to the bedroom…

Atimma got to the bathroom. She picked up the soap and began washing her arms and shoulders briskly. The thoughts of Harry being a brick layer haunted her. She was expecting her salary the next day, and she was planning to give him some money for his mother. 

Her salary was enough to take care of all their needs, but she would ignore her conscience and save up the money for her baby’s needs.

Her soap slipped from her fingers and plopped into the water. She tried to bend and pick it but couldn’t. But she tried harder until she slipped and fell into the bathtub. “Jesus!” She exclaimed aloud.

Harry ran in from the bedroom and held her firmly out of the bathtub. He dived into the large bathtub and took the soft bar soap. Then his words sank in… “Be careful next time. 

You shouldn’t be doing these things on your own. let me help you. ” He said soothingly as he pasted the soap on the Sponge; He sponged her body softly and slowly. His voice had a hollow ring and his grin was crooked and meager.

She appeared carefree and relaxed.
He lifted her hands up like a child, and sponged her armpit. She began to whimper and laugh out loud. “That tickles!” She said, and stamped the soapy water on his head. His clothes were wet. He removed his clothes and stood naked.

He rubbed his body against hers, savored the softness of her skin against his.
He missed touching her, and he loved touching her.
She was like silk over steel, her skin was so soft.

To him, she was the most perfect human being in the world. He couldn’t wait to have his wife back after the pregnancy gets over.

He was ready to stand by her.
But while he began kissing her, he reached to push her hair away from his cheek, forgetting he had injuries on his face.

“Ouch!” he growled, and cursed.
Atimma stirred, turning toward him. She opened her eyes, and when her gaze met his, it was like old times.

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