They made love that night like it was their first time. Harry fell weakly on the bed afterwards and slept off.

Morning came, Atimma got out of bed slowly and made her way to the kitchen. She had changed into leggings and a pyjamas shirt, and was drinking Cappuccino from her favorite mug, the one with the chipped rim.

She lowered herself carefully into a chair and thought of the pleasant moment she had with Harry the previous night. She had missed him.

But the thoughts of Seno complicated her emotions.

She heard the shower running, and then realized that Harry was awake and ready for work.
Moments later, he was at the sitting room, dressed in a pair of jean and T-shirt.

“I am set for the bricklaying work. But first, I will reach the village to give mama some money.” He said, and walked toward her. He held her face and kissed her forehead, then sat right beside her.

“How much are they paying you?”
“Three thousand a day.” he whispered.
Atimma shook her head.

“Three thousand will feed us in this house Harry?” She asked, looking surprised.
He nodded grimly.

“We will manage. Or what do you want me to do? This isn’t a permanent job, it’s just for a while.”
“I won’t manage with you. For the fact that we made love last night doesn’t mean things have changed. Be a man Harry.” She gasp at her own words.

It was the first time she’d ever said that to him so boldly. He saw the effect of her words etched in the new lines of his face.

An anguish too profound to bear washed over his features, draining his face, and changing his countenance. Anger replaced his anguish as he vaulted up from the chair and grabbed her arm.

“You will never ever talk to me like that again! you hear me?” He yelled at her angrily. “You wanted us to be married, I agreed because I loved you, I wasn’t buoyant, do not inconvenience me and make feel less a man because I do not have a job…That doesn’t make you better than I am!” He yelled even more, and took a ragged breath. 

He released her arm, and pushed her away. “So don’t talk to me about being a man, I am a man! All I need is a good job to complete me, go to hell with your d--n money, I don’t need it!” He whirled and stalked out of the sitting room. 

Tears clouded his eyes, but he held it firmly, and slammed the door.

Atimma took a shaky breath and screamed. She began to cry. She clenched her fists and squeezed her eyes shut.

“I am pregnant and you beat me up like this? I will deal with you bastard…” She sobbed softly.
She stood in the middle of the sitting room until her tears dried up. She realized she was still holding the mug. She set it down so hard that she was afraid it might break.

She went to the office with a teary face. She wanted Sympathy.

Her best friend appeared at her office moments after Atimma called her phone in tears. “Harry has killed me Linda.” She cried out.

“You see where you landed yourself? with an abusive husband! After all what you’ve done for him, he still had the guts to make you cry in this condition!” She said angrily as she handed a white kerchief to Atimma.

“Arrest him! Tell the police that it’s domestic violence.”
Atimma looked meaningfully at Linda and nodded slowly.
“But he didn’t beat me, he only held my hands”
“That is abusive. You’re pregnant, he wasn’t suppose to do that.”

The grin slowly faded from Atimma’s face, she became confused. For some reason, Linda’s words embarrassed her.

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