Dont worry, Be happy And Calm Down

Whenever we start to worry, we can remind ourselves "worry does not meet my needs at this time-or ever. My heart's need is to trust God. I will be anxious for nothing" Phil. 4:6.

What are some areas you struggle with in your heart? Ask God to renew your mind that it might think like His. Then keep reminding yourself of the truth.

Don't worry, just keep calm and try to control yourself, not the situation. Once you can control yourself and you can think straight, the solution will certainly emerge.
There is always a solution in every problem or situation, just keep calm and be happy.

Everything will be alright if you stick to the rules and allow your inner man and the still small voice in you to figure it out.

Remember that thinking, does not solve any situation when the mind is set on negative.

Free your mind now and make use of the power embeded in you by your creator. You can do it.

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