Knowledge And Wisdom, The Principal Thing In Life

Knowledge gives you ideas on how to drawn from alternatives in the environment. 

Knowledge expand or exposes your ability to tap from the environment. Knowledge also gives you the attitude to know the right thing at the right time. 

During the regime of King Solomon, he requested from God that Wisdom should be his greatest gift. Whatever Solomon ask from God, He’s ready to give him, Solomon saw big mansion, cities he did not choose them, neither did he request for the head of his enemy. 

Neither riches nor fame, instead he only chose of all good things that wisdom should be his greatest gift. This set God in action because Solomon had requested for Wisdom to be his greatest gift, He responded to him in this manner:

Because you have asked this thing, and have not ask long life for yourself or have ask riches for yourself, but have asked for yourself understanding to discern justice, behold I have done according to your words; see I have given you a wise and understanding heart, so that there has not been any one like you before, nor shall any like you arise after you. And I have also given you what you have not asked: both riches and honour, so that there shall not be anyone like you among the Kings all your days. 1st King 3:11-13                                                  
                                                Greater is He who‘s in me than who is in the world

During that time, people may be calling him a big fool but only Solomon knew why he requested for it, why? Because he knew that without God’s wisdom and understanding, he cannot stand before his people to judge and to rule over them.

These people are with different characters, great people in a great country like ours (Nigeria). The people Solomon ruled have distinction, degrees and they are great professors, this made Solomon to request for wisdom to enable him rule over them without calling white as black. When the two women brought before him the case of the dead child and the living one, this power of wisdom enables him to passed the justice and discern it accurately. 1 King 3:17-28

For  you to  get this you must have the fear of God,  this is the  beginning of wisdom. Proverb 9:10. As we know that wisdom is the principal thing in life, that is why the book of proverb 8:11 says 

“for wisdom is better than rubies, and all the thing one may desire can not be compared with it” 

The holy book makes us understand  that any man or woman who seek wisdom and get understanding, will be happy and have greatest gift. 

You must have the fear of  God and obey him for you to have access and tap into this power and secure both wisdom and understanding.

When we are talking about knowledge, knowledge is what we have accumulated or acquired through learning, through our experiences and the things we have gathered through our skills, putting into practice, the information and knowledge we have gained through Education.

You cannot just fold your leg and be waiting for miracle to come, Solomon seek for wisdom before it was given to him, stop sitting down without creative idea of what to do, and stop roaming about without tangible thing to do.

Thinking that God will miraculously rain manna from heaven, Praying from morning till night for seven days will not put God in action. What put God in action is faith, obedient, focus and work. 

Apostle Paul said that “faith without work is dead. Always meditate on the excellence of the word of God, let His testimonies be your meditation. So that He can perform  greater miracle in your life more than the one he did for Bezalel, the son of Uri. Exodus 31:2-3

Jesus also asserted that seek and you shall find, he is not saying don’t seek the choice is yours to decide.

 Act now. God bless you.

By E. A. Olatoye
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