Is God Honored by Partisan Prayers?

Pastor Mark Burns of South Carolina gave the benediction for the afternoon session of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Burns asked

'Do we honor God through our partisan prayers'?

I would submit no.

This is simply disturbing. This is a prime example of politics corrupting faith. Prayers should NEVER be partisan.

Also, this claim that Trump believes in the name of Jesus … What exactly does he mean by that? That he is saved? What fruit? What evidence? By Trump's own admission he has never asked God for forgiveness so how in the world could one claim he has repented of his sin?

Then to assume God is leading Donald Trump and speaking through Trump, as well as, to call Hillary Clinton our enemy. Pastor, our enemies are not made out of flesh and blood.

This prayer made me want to throw up in my mouth.

Therefor, we should never allow our prayer life to be partisan. We should learn from Daniel who did not allow politics to overshadow his belief and faith in God, to the extent that he was thrown into the Lions den.

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