Mugabe Condemned by War Veterans

War veterans in Zimbabwe have denounced President Robert Mugabe as "dictatorial", saying they  will not support him in the next election.

The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans' Association said in a statement that Mr Mugabe's Zanu-PF party had "dismally failed" to address the country's economic problems.

It added:

We note with concern, shock and utter dismay the entrenchment of dictatorial tendencies, personified by the president and his cohorts which have slowly devoured the values of the liberation struggle."

BBC Zimbabwe analyst Lewis Machipisa says the association had once been solidly behind the 92-year-old president,  but a faction is now opposed to him.

His sources told him the statement  reflects not only the views of some war veterans, but also senior military figures. This will worry Mr Mugabe who relies heavily on the military to remain in power, Lewis adds.

The statement comes at a time when the economic and financial crisis in  Zimbabwe has worsened to the extent that the government is struggling to pay the police and military.

Source: BBC
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