Who Are The True Illuminati, God’s Stars?

God rests in who He is. He is the rock, He is the great I am. He is Me Be, He just is, self-existing, before all. He has nothing to prove, no identity problems, in Him there is no competition or strife. Satan on the other hand is a created being. He wants to be God, so competition was birthed. 

God knows exactly who He is, Satan tries to copy and has to prove himself over and over. A man, truly of the nature of God, is not competitive. He rests in who he is, who he was created to be. He doesn’t worry if he can do something. He was created by a perfect God that said “go forth, multiply, be fruitful and subdue the land”, so of course he can do what he was created to do. He rests in that.

Satan-driven people however, never really know who they are, they are ones that copy others and like their father are always challenging, competing, wanting to be a star, wanting to be like someone else. God created absolutely all things, even our destiny. If we copy others we are trying to be what they are designed to do, so we fail. 

A man doing what he was created to do, needs only practice to accomplish his goals. Not copy or study others’ accomplishments, just look to the one that created his destiny and he will be a useful and successful part of Kingdom society.

Jesus says plainly, Revelation 22:16.
16 “I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.”

Satan, who at the beginning sang with Jesus as a morning star, rebelled and lost his status, but still claims he is equally a star. Thus we see this star shining through very ungodly people, the immoral, drunkards, ones on drugs many times the world’s football stars, rock stars, Hollywood stars, on and on. It’s Christ in His people, His body that is a sure and steady light as He rises in their hearts to guide their way, bringing them Life.

II Peter 1:19
19 And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns (the 8th day) and the morning star rises in your hearts;

Satan on the other hand rises to power in the hearts of rebellious humanity as an angel of light through pride and emulation, pushing them, shoving them to be the best, the star. Whatever it takes in attempt to outdo Jesus in His people, Satan will ruthlessly achieve through his. 

As steroids make them stronger, drugs give them energy and rotten morals provide a seemingly happy lifestyle, they pay a huge price for Satan’s victory. All is fair in his mind, he’s the star at their expense. Sadly these misused people think they have achieved professionalism and really are stars.

In reality, Satan cleverly sent in a spirit of Pride to make sure their motives suited his plans. A spirit of Rejection was sent to take residency, making them willing to do whatever it takes to not fail and be a hero in the eyes of others. Throw in a few spirits of Addiction, Lust and Perversion to set their lifestyle and bingo, you have a perfect vessel to be a star. 

Maybe not a child of God any longer, but a star nevertheless by the world’s standards. Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention the vessel goes to the world’s churches and is fed the fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil and now claims to be a Christian along with their stardom. By the way, all the resources Satan has stolen from God’s people are lavished on those he can be a star through. They are the rich and famous, very much welcomed along with their tithes and offerings by the church.

Jesus openly explains in John 15:5, “I am the vine, you are the branches, without Me you can do nothing”, yet He says through Him we can do all things. Nothing is impossible with God in us. Satan on the other hand allows his people to think the force behind their success is self, thus assuring they cannot rest in God to accomplish what must be done for the Kingdom of God. 

They must, in their mind, filled and tainted with the knowledge of the Tree of Good and Evil, do it themselves. Not only that, they, like their mentor, hunger for the personal glory and the accolades of a star. Now, on top of everything else, they are cursed,

Jeremiah 17:5
5 Thus says the Lord: “Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart departs from the Lord.

Sadly, when the adversary is finished with his victims, he callously allows them to go off into obscurity, they are no longer of any use to him. A great star for a while, then merely he has been. Had they only learned to rest in God their fate would have been so much different.

What is resting in God then? It is allowing Him to lead you. It’s obedience as He shows you the way He would have you to go. You see, God has had a plan all along. Each and every person that chooses to follow Him, that loves Him, and wants a part in establishing His Kingdom will be shown what it is He has planned for them to be and do. 

They will be assigned a job within the body, not determined by their hard-earned effort, but based on what He planned for them to do before the earth was formed. Those that seek Him and walk His plan out cannot fail. It’s already been accomplished, it’s already decided and done. 

We are His workmanship, so if we are willing He will shape us and mold us for our part in His Kingdom plans. We are born into the age He wishes us to come on the scene. He makes us a true star as we become more and more in His image, He is the bright and Morning Star. Our light comes from Him, we reflect His glory, much as the moon reflects the light of the sun.

As we look into the heavenlies on a clear night we can see constellations of stars that tell a story, announce times and seasons, have an influence on earth as do the greater luminaries, the Sun and Moon.

Psalm 19:1
19 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.

As God’s human stars unite across the earth into groups, they too unknowingly form constellations that tell a story and influence life. Times and seasons are determined as certain groupings of stars appear in a predestined age bringing about change. 

God set the heavenly stars in their specific places and so He sets us in place as He pleases. As God named the heavenly stars, so He gives each and every one of us a name, and like the heavenly stars, our names have meaning also. The heavens declare the glory of God. The earth reflects the glory of God. It is the life, death and resurrection of the chief Star, Jesus, that rises in our hearts giving hope to humanity of being born a new creature to be a part of His reflection, enabling them to take their place among the others, bringing harmony, completion, wholeness to their existence. 

His indwelling Spirit changes our nature to be like Him, making us the light of this world. He is the indwelling Word, so as our light reflects His image, the knowledge of God illuminates the earth. Truth is now clearly taught to subdue the enemy’s lies. The Way shines brightly through His government bringing humanity into alignment with God’s laws, thus the order of things is being changed. 

Life is being restored to the harmonious perfection it was originally created to be. Human stars mirror the heavenly stars, all are a part of the whole. Each sings its own song of praise and love for the Creator resulting in a beautiful cosmic symphony. All is good. All will be in harmony. Corruption, decay, sickness and pain, even death itself cannot exist in this environment of perfect love. Or this is how it should be!

Satan does his best to keep us in darkness, bound in sin, blocking the light of God from entering our minds to restore our nature to the Lord’s image. He wants us to be his stars. He offers power, wealth, lust and perversion to lead us astray even as he did God’s angelic stars. 

Binding us in cords of iniquity to cover our eyes and ears, he does all he can to cause confusion in our thinking in attempt to misplace us, remove us from where God intended us to be so we cannot come into alignment. However, as God’s end time knowledge floods the earth, it will wash away Satan’s lies from the minds of God’s people. 

For those that drink of these living waters and eat the fruit of the Tree of Life,  ones that are willing to take direction and be obedient to His voice, His law stands ready to enforce, powerful in action to bring about His promises of restoration. Huge changes will come about for all creation resulting in the evaporation of Satan’s temporary inharmonious time period that we experience now. Eternity, harmony will be restored as in the beginning.

In closing, as God rests in who He is, we can rest in who we are. We are called and named by a sovereign God, and placed in position with a predestined path to walk. We do not have to compete or try to be better than anyone, we are the very best at being who we are. 

We are God’s sacred seed with His knowledge glowing brightly through us. Children of the 8th day, many points of light, illuminated by the Son. The True Illuminati, God’s human stars.

By Apostle Jacquelyn F. Fedor
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