Love In Times Like This (Episode 4)

Heavy raindrops had just begun to Fall.
Atimma stepped out of the elevator in her leather suit and pant; She was struggling with piles of files on her hands, she held them firmly as she walked gently on a long corridor that led to her office.

She heard footsteps walking behind her, she knew who it was. The smell of his perfume was familiar. She wanted to run, but took hurried steps instead. She knew in her heart that he was following her. He was glancing down at her when she was downstairs, her eyes caught with his.

Atimma got to her office, she threw the files on her table, breathing heavily.
"Happy Married life." A voice came from behind her.

"Thank you sir." She said in a shaky tone, not looking directly at his face.
"Why have you been avoiding me since after your wedding?" He seated himself on the overstuffed chair and propped his long legs on the table, falling off Atimma's wedding picture frames. She lowered herself and picked them one by one, setting it well on the table.

"Handsome man!" He exclaimed, as he carried the picture frame gently and stared at it for a while.

"thank you." Atimma said in broken whispers.
"The rains are here, I miss you in my arms." He said, as he placed the picture frame gently on the table.

"Thank you. I am married now Seno."
He chuckled, and then stood up immediately. He started to walk around her path. She raised an angry gaze at him. "I am grateful for all what you did for Me; For this job, for contracts, for promotions and for the car..."

"The car you gave to your husband."
"It is my car. It is our car, what I own is his too. He comes to pick me after work with it."
"So you married a man who had nothing. You left me for a man who had nothing!"

"You're married Seno. You never wanted me to settle too?"
"Not that way Atimma!" He yelled, then paused. His voice softened now. " I told you to give me time, Susan refused to grant a divorce. I couldn't do things that way. I invested in you because I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you."

"How do you always manage to make up these lies?" She demanded, finally looking into his eyes. "You and your wife are fighting for a divorce, and yet she is Pregnant. And yet you two go on vacations and trips. 

You think I'm a fool Seno? While Harry was out there, dying for me, showing me true love, I cheated on him with you."
Seno Casually leaned against the wall, his entire attention focused on her. She felt the heat of his gaze, and looked away.

"So, he is the good guy now?"
"He has always been the good guy." She retorted.
Seno smiled slowly and nodded painfully.
"Susan and I were almost ending it. Until you left, you changed. I stopped loving her, because you stole my heart."

"I had given your heart back to you, take it, and go back to your wife. Whatever we had was in the past. I love my husband, I will manage with him, until it gets well." Her anger died, as he sat down gently on a chair.

"I didn't realize you were such a good woman. I know you more than he does. you will come back to my arms. But if there is anything he can't do for you, I am here, always loving you enough to help."

The telltale sign of her humiliation showed on her flushed cheeks. 
Slowly she raised her gaze to his, and she had the feeling that she was drowning in those penetrating eye. 

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Written By Vicky Bon
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