In Search Of Mr Perfect (Episode 3)

Imabasi was having troubles falling asleep. Her thoughts were jumbled with awful imaginations of Adenuga's kitchen and smelly sitting room. Taking an exasperated breath. She opened her eyes and sat up, clasping her arms around her folded legs. 

She had regretted going on a date with Adenuga, and she promised herself never to see him again.
She walked into the kitchen and pressed the coffee dispenser. As she watched the Coffee, running into the tea cup, she imagined bacterial in the coffee. The cup fell off from her hands, and she watched the dark coffee splashed on the floor.
"What is wrong with you?" Miriam asked shrilly. 

Imabasi stared at the splashed and broken coffee cup on the floor for a moment and gave an audible sigh of relief.
"Since you came back from Adenuga's place, you've been acting strangely. Did he hypnotize you?"

"That guy is dirty. I have never seen such a dirty human being in my life. Even the gutters are better than his house." She said in whispers, totally stunned by what she saw.
Miriam giggled. "Why do you always meet these kind of people? Why didn't you clean up the house for him?"

"God forbid! That guy needs a cook and a cleaner, and not a wife. I can't just cope, even for another minute with him. If I end up marrying Adenuga, I will automatically turn to a maid." Imabasi said with a disgustful glance.

"What does a wife do, that a maid doesn't? I clean, I wash, I cook for Richard. He doesn't even know how to do anything. that is why he loves me."
"Mimi, I can't. I can't marry a man like that. I can't. That's you being able to cope with such, I can't just pretend about it. It's disgusting, it's weird, I can't do it! Oh my God....I need to brush and shower." She said with a disgustful grin.

"Again? This is the fifth time, you're gonna have your bath and brush your mouth."
"I forgot to disinfect my water those times I had my bath. Mimi, I feel sick and terrible. I shouldn't have visited him, I am just feeling like I just came out from the pit of dirt that had creepy things in them.

I feel like there are thousands of bacterial around me; In my hands, my feet, my body, my hair." She paused, then whispered, "I can't just stop bathing!" She walked as fast as she could to the bathroom, while Miriam watched her looking amazed.

A day had passed, and Imabasi could not get over Adenuga's mishap.
She was trying to recover from it when Miriam got back home with drinks and snacks.
"Hi Ima, I got some good news for us."
She said excitedly as she placed the drinks on the table.

"What's the news?"

"I met Pastor Bryan at the mall today. He shopped us these things. He demanded for your number, so I gave it to him. I think he likes you."
"Oh no Mimi! Pastor Bryan again? Not again please."
"He is a really cool guy."

"No please. He is medical doctor, he and my brother were classmates in College. I can't date a medical doctor who has seen all the naked bodies of women in London, he won't have value for mine."
Miriam laughed and fell on the sofa.

"What exactly do you want from your kind of man Ima?"
"Well, my heart knows..." She said in a low tone.
"I think you should try Pastor Bryan. He is cute, wealthy, and he is a man of God. You should consider having a date with him when he calls." Miriam said as she pivoted toward the drink and picked a chocolate bar.

"Did he smell nice when you saw him?" Imabasi asked with a serious face.
"I can't remember."
"Was his hair brushed."
"I can't remember."
Imabasi gave an audible sigh. 

"I think you should try keeping a date with him, so that you will get to find out by yourself.
Imabasi nodded slowly, while she watched Miriam eat the chocolate bar delightedly.

Credit: Vicky Bon
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