In Search Of Mr Perfect (Episode 4)

The encounter between Pastor Bryan and Imabasi had not been an accident at all.
Pastor Bryan was different. He was God fearing, handsome and learned.

Imabasi was about to take a shower when her phone rang; when she saw that it was Pastor Bryan who was calling, she gave an audible sigh and picked his call.
"Hi pastor Bryan."
"Hi Ima. How did you know it was me?"
"True caller application"
"Okay, nice. New Technology huh?"

"Can we have dinner this evening at the Gilbert Scott restaurant on Euoston road? I really need us to talk. I like you. I think emmm...Miriam might have told you some things. "
"Oh okay, she did. British or French restaurant?"


"Okay. Are you asking me out?" She dashed around with hurried steps.
"I am asking you on a date." Pastor Bryan said in British accent.
"See you then at Gilbert Scott Pastor Bryan."

She hung up the call and smiled at her phone for a while.
"Miriam, Pastor Bryan is asking me on a date!  She said aloud and smiled slowly.
Miriam walked hurriedly into the room.

"He called?" She asked smiling wide. Imabasi nodded excitedly.
"It seems you like him, your expression says you like him."
"Well I think I do. I always love my dates on the first day, but they end up turning me off." She said with a sad grin and leaned against the wall, the towel tied around her breast loosely.

"Ugh, I think you will like him. He is just too cool. Every woman's man is pastor Bryan. There is no perfect man really."
Imabasi nodded calmly. "I will try. I will try my best.
"Good luck on your first date with pastor Bryan." Miriam said lyrically.
Imabasi stepped into Gilbert Scott restaurant, her looks stunned Pastor Bryan who was already seated at a hidden corner in the restaurant.
Imabasi searched for him with her eyes, and right behind her, pastor Bryan said, "Hello Imabasi."

Her heart hammered, she felt as if it might burst out of her body.
She felt a flush climb up her face as she turned to look at him.
"You look so beautiful." Pastor Bryan commended with a smile.

"Thanks. You're not looking bad yourself." She said with a soft smile.
"I didn't think it will be easy to have a first date with you." He said politely and led the way back to his seat, followed by Imabasi who was neatly dressed in a white sweater, a pair of jean and strap pink sandals.

"Are you saying that I am cheap?" She asked with an angry gaze.
"Not at all! What I mean is, I am privileged to have you grant my date offer without delay. I feel special." He said nicely.
Imabasi nodded calmly.
"Pastor Charlie's wife Karol has said so much about you. She is going to make you a choir mistress in church soon. She believes in You, she believes that you are a good singer and teacher." 

She felt the heat of his gaze, and she realized he was willing her to look at him, but she kept her head lowered.
"How did you know?"

"She told me one of those times she was talking about you. I talk too much, don't mind me. I am not supposed to tell you this. But be prepared." He said huskily.
He picked up the menu and handed nicely to Imabasi, she held it and glanced through for a moment.

"Bubble and squeak cakes, with a glass of sparkle water." Imabasi said softly.
"you don't eat much. I eat like Jesus Christ. Do you know Jesus was a good eater? He loved good food."
"ugh, I am not aware."
"You don't read the bible?"
"I do."
"Okay....I will be eating Crumpets Piccalilli, Bangers and mash,
berry triffle, toad in the hole with mustard onion gravy and bottle of Antoinette wine, 2000." 

Pastor Bryan reeled off.
Imabasi was bewildered, as she raised a gaze at him.
"You're going to eat all of these?" She asked amazingly, finally looking into his eyes.

Credit: Vicky Bon
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