The Divorce - Flash Fiction

Autumn leaves scattered across the lawn, driven by a strong wind from the relentless sea, as Chidimma stood by her hotel room window for a long time; watching the sea, thinking of what transpired between she and her new husband the previous night at the beach side.

Her new husband had thought that if they traveled to Puerto rico for their honeymoon, it will take her mind off her best friend's death.
But Chidimma knew better. Kaine would never have encouraged her to marry Phillip if she had told her what he really was.
She thought of many times Phillip had told her sex before marriage won't be accepted, until after they are married.

But she felt lucky to have met such an incredible young man who had so much Chastity and fear for sin.

Her ex husband Baako used to beat her up and had sex with her uncountable times in a day; she couldn't cope anymore, she ran away to New York to stay wit Kaine for a while, and after Baako had stayed for long time without her, he seek for a divorce and remarried a girl from south London. But before a year ended, Baako was jailed for killing his new wife.

Dark storm clouds gathered, and a chill shook Chidimma as she tried without success to loosen the tiny hooks at the back of her dress.

Her honeymoon should have been part of the happy moments of her life, but it wasn't.
Her father had refused to attend the wedding ceremony because he did not approve of her marrying Phillip.

Chidimma's father knew that Phillip was an American who was forced to be married by his campaign manager. He was a democrat who had not dated or being with a woman all through his years as a young American politician. And for the California senate to grant him a go-ahead, he needed to have a wife by his side.

And Chidimma's father found the characteristics of Phillip as being weird and suspicious.
There had been a time he was in friendly terms with politicians, but suddenly he changed when Phillip came into Chidimma's life.

"Hi" Phillip said, as Chidimma exhaled out of her thoughts.

"Hi" she replied in soft whispers.

"I am sorry about yesterday, I mean what you saw at the beach. I didn't mean to hurt you, please do not tell anyone. My career as a governor might be canceled."

"I won't. But I seek for a divorce." Chidimma said boldly.

"No? No divorce please, it's gonna affect my career.

"I don't give a damn about your fucking career! We've been married for two days and you haven't seen my panties, no kiss, no hugs, no romance, no love making! I am not a piece of furniture. This marriage wasn't based on political contract, I married you because I love you."

Chidimma's eyes took on a faraway look.

"You don't wanna be California's first lady?" Phillip said settling on the soft sofa.

Sadness tore through her like ground glass, as she strode out.

"Get ready to be in court for a divorce, I can never ever marry you again!"

Phillip ran after her and stood in front of her, blocking her way out. "Please Dimma, please don't do this." He said and knelt on the Persian rug.
But Chidimma pushed him off and walked away.

"I heard that Nigerian girls are heartless! I would have gone for a Mexican!" He yelled.

A month later, the news about Phillip being divorced by his wife went around, reasons was unknown by the reporters.

Chidimma stood stiffly in court, staring sternly at the Judge.
Philip had been shivering since Elis his campaign manager took him.

"Relax, comport yourself. I had told you that black woman are crazy people, you have told her you really are." Elis whispered into his ears, and walked away into the crowd of reporters who were waiting anxiously.

"Mrs Phillip, may we know why you seek to divorce your husband of two days?" The female judge asked shrilly, pulling her eye glasses to her nose and glaring at Chidimma.

"He is homosexual, I caught him making love to Becham Tailor his running mate at the beach side." She answered loudly. Her voice sent down spines into people's veins.

Philip became ashamed, as everyone murmured and screamed aloud. It was the worse moment of his life.

Credit: Vicky Bon
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