Advice to God Haters

Joshua 24 V 15
Here's an insight to the god haters. 

1) Problems exist on earth because this isn't heaven. 

2) Spiritual beings can't operate in the physical world without a host (body) if you are a believer and you prayed for protection a head of time. God can use a host to do something simple as a small accident on your way to the airport. And you end up missing your flight. You will thank god for keeping you from boarding that plane. 

Here's a rule of things. Nothing can happen in the physical world without existing in the spiritual realm first. God has the heads up on this because he lives in the spiritual realm. God can send angels and they can manifest and use a Host to do a task. Such as if you weren't paying attention while driving. An angel can tap your head up and save that crash before it happens. 

Now Satan works the same way with his demons. Demons need a host to carry a task. No one gets up and decides to kill someone without the influence of a demon. You were supposed to turn that important switch on? Satan ordered a demon to make block you from remembering to turn that on. And when you aren't a believer you're wide open for demonic activities to manifest and carry task. 

More sins you do. More open doors for demons to carry tasks through you because you allowed that. Satan is the owner of sin. Commit it and he will have you bonded to do what he wants. 

God holds all things together. He knew Satan's thoughts to order a demon to make you forget things or commit things. This is why you hear people say "I don't know what has gotten into me" yea now you know. 

Anyways. If you don't ask for protection through prayer then you're in agreement with whatever Satan is planning against you or a group of people. Again this is why bad things happen because this isn't heaven and Satan is the ruler of the physical world. 

Pray and cancel his plans against you in their tracks. If not. You're bound for doom. I'm not telling you to believe but I'm showing you why you're living in ignorance and that's what has tied you for destruction. 

Wage of sin is death. The truth will set you free. And you don't go to hell for sinning. You go to hell for not accepting the forgiveness that was offered to you while you lived. Once you die you are where God is. He's the judge. You didn't want forgiveness for the crimes you committed against him? 

Then of course he will send you to your punishment. It's up to you. Or be filled with pride like you know everything and suffer the same fate Satan will. 

He's irredeemable and since got nothing to lose of course he will do whatever to trick you from accepting the forgiveness. The original sin was pride. And many live with that. Just humble yourself and accept it. 

If not you're in his traps. He rules the physical world which is matter/space and time. Spiritual world is eternal. I'm sure you don't have more knowledge than the guy who had enough time to learn the physical world for 13 billion years. But you think you know everything. Kill that pride before it kills you.
Jesus Christ is the way to God
Accept Christ into your life now and enjoy the power of I AM, whether you like it or not there is judgement after death and by then, it is late. Think about it and turn a new leaf and start a new life in Christ Jesus so that devil will not manifest his power through you.

God bless you.
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