In Search Of Mr Perfect (Episode 15)

Involuntary smile played around Miriam’s mouth as she listened to Imabasi lament over her misfortunes with men.

I am never going to pick pastor Iniunam’s call again. He is a liar.” Imabasi said as she walked to the kitchen sink and ran cold water over her wrists, then splashed her face. She stood there, her dripping hands covering her face, until her throat stopped hurting with the need to cry.

I will be thirty one next year Mimi. And I don’t even have a serious boyfriend.” She said weakly.

You had good men all around you. But you said they weren’t perfect enough. You complained about Stan’s small penis, Victor’s smoking habits, body odours, snoring and all that shits. You haven’t met the right man yet, keep searching. Pastor Iniunam gave you other options after all.”

What options?”

That God can also reveal to you in the dream who the man is. But I think you should let go all of these and try to fix a date with Victor. He said he was going to stop smoking because of you.”

He didn’t mean that. I don’t ever want to see him. I detest the acrid smell of cigarettes, it’s choking. No matter what, he is still going to smell cigarettes.”

Miriam started chopping the celery, while Imabasi helped in washing the dishes.
Have you ever thought of why I am so careful about choosing a life partner?”

Imabasi broke the silence.

It has never occurred to me.” Miriam replied.
I have witnessed so many divorces. I don’t want to face that. Marriage is everlasting Mimi.”

Ima, I just hope that all these won’t lead to a more woeful marriage. Life is too short.” Miriam said as she turned the chopped celery into a pot.
Just when she placed the pot of celery on the gas, the doorbell rang.

Are you expecting someone?” Miriam asked Imabasi.
Nope. Maybe it’s the newspaper guy again, but I don’t wanna ever see his face.” Imabasi said as she wiped her hands on the kitchen towel.

Miriam left for the door, while Imabasi followed her afterwards.
Newspaper vendor?” Miriam called out tentatively, moving forward to the door.
She clicked it open and her heart skipped at the sight of Richard.

He was carrying a bouquet of roses. “Hi baby.” He said huskily as he smiled at her.
Imabasi stared at them smiling wide.
Hi Richard.” Imabasi said softly.

Ima Hi.”
Richard handed the flower to Miriam as he knelt on one knee, he inserted his hands into his pocket and brought out a small box. He clicked it open and Miriam and Imabasi were bewildered.

Miriam tried to compose her face, but the sight of Richard kneeling there, so handsome and masculine with a diamond ring in his hands sent dozens of happiness to her heart. She bursted out laughing and crying at the same time as she put her hand over her mouth and tried not to laugh out loud.

Please Marry me Baby. The moment you came into my life, everything changed. You became my everything; my mom, my sister and my lover. And now I want to make you my life companion. Marry me please. Life without you will be meaningless.”
Yes. Yes! I will marry you.” Miriam said excitedly as she gave out her left hands.
A line of tear dropped out of Imabasi’s eyes as She watched Richard put the ring into Miriam’s finger.

She wiped her eyes as Miriam kissed Richard on the lip and hugged him tight.
Thank you baby.” Richard said as his arms tightened reflexively around Miriam.
After Miriam had hugged Richard for a while, she turned to Imabasi and gave her a warm hug.

I am getting married!” she said shrilly.
A fierce longing swept through Imabasi, speeding up her heart. She wished at that moment that her dream man should come to her soon.

Credit: Vicky Bon
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