In Search Of Mr Perfect (Episode 18)

Miriam’s wedding was exclusively colorful.

It was one of the best and organized weddings in the city of Uyo, Nigeria.
At the reception, Imabasi made a toast. She cleared her throat and then said, 

“I am going to miss my best friend. I can’t imagine living alone without your companionship, you will forever be my best friend. 
I wish you and Richard a blissful matrimony, and may the good lord shower you with beautiful kids. Happy married life.”

She said excitedly, but softly as she lifted the glass of wine in the air. Only sounds of glasses hitting each other and exciting murmurs were heard for a moment.
Imabasi walked slowly towards her seat in the midst of applause's.

You’re making a toast at your friend’s wedding, when is yours coming up?” 
Her mother whispered into her ears.

Imabasi closed her eyes, pretending not to hear her.

You need to see Prophet Ntekim before you leave for London. He is a great man of God. He will pray for you. The last time he prayed for me, he told me that your great-great grand father married all his grand children spiritually. And that he placed the head of an old woman on you, so any man that sees you, sees the face of an old woman instead. God is wonderful, he sees all things.”

Imabasi spooned rice into her mouth, she was sitting cross-legged and holding her plate on her lap.
She took a bite of the chicken and nodded in approval, not looking at her mother’s face.

Are you listening? Prophet Ntekim is a great man of God. He told me that I should bring you to him as soon as you arrive Nigeria. Thank God that Mimi’s wedding is over, tomorrow you and I will be going to Nsukara, so that he can give you a spiritual bath and cleansing. He will wash away that ugly face.” 

Her mother said firmly with a serious face.

Disappointment hit Imabasi like a fist as she dropped the plate on the table and said, “mom, nothing is wrong with me. You’ve been deceived again.”

Her mother’s mouth clamped as she whispered, “This is Nigeria. What do you know? Do not bring that British mentality here. Your father and I despite the fact that we are stunt catholics, we still runaround other churches for healings and deliverance.”

Healings from what Mommy?”

Healings from the family’s demonic covenant. Your brother isn’t married, you are not married.” Her gaze got glued to Imabasi’s face.

Imabasi snagged a passing waiting carrying a tray of champagne.
She gulped the champagne down her throat and took a deep breathe.

“mom, I need fresh air. I am tired of you and your men of God. They are extorting money from you in the name of helping you.”

What do you know?” Her mom asked.
I don’t wanna know anything that has to do with those fake men of God. I am not interested. I have given up on getting married for now.” her reply was noncommittal.

Her mother suddenly cried out. ” Pastor Ntekim said it o..He told me that the devil will hinder you at first before you agree to come.”

Imabasi laughed, and then stood to her feet as the classic music for nuptial dance was played.
Everyone smiled as they watched the couple dance under the trellis of roses and ivy.
Imabasi’s feet hurt and her face was stiff from smiling.

Mom, your prophet was wrong. I am not even following you there, not ever! There is nothing wrong with me.”

I am ashamed of you. I will beat the breast of my chest for you! your father and I didn’t send you to London to become foolish. Look at your childhood friend” she pointed at Miriam and Richard. 

“She is married, and you are shamelessly disapproving my orders.” Her mother scolded bitterly.
Mom, I am not a teenager, I know. I need fresh air. Excuse me.” 

She said as she danced away towards where the couple had their nuptial dance.
With absolutely no warning, a woman’s shrill scream trembled everyone.
She was an older woman. She fell on the floor with piles of souvenir jotters on her body.

What happened?” Imabasi’s mother asked shrilly as she tied her wrapper firmly again on her waist, walking towards the scene.

The women of Utu ikot ekpuk have not been given Souvenir and a cooler of white soup. I came to take it by force since the souvenir people were ignoring Me…”
Excuse me?” 

Imabasi’s mom interrupted, totally unaware of the undercurrent.

Credit: Vicky Bon
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