I lived with my friend, Ngozi, all through our school life, when it seems all hope was lost for my friend I gave her a reason to live. Our closeness was that of snail and it shell, she cannot do without me and I ensure that she was comfortable. 

It all started when we were in ND (National Diploma) One day while I was at home Ngozi ran to me and cried out her pains about an issue that was beyond her control, I saw reason with her and I immediately thought of how to help her out of her difficult situation.

After some deep thinking I felt some strong compassion for her and I told her to move in with me until she would be able to sort things out. I made everything within my capacity available for Ngozi (food, clothes, including transport fare to school because she never had).

But something happened along the line, after about seven months I started noticing her little behaviour and attitude that never showed up a person am trying to help.

Because sometimes I go to work before meeting up with my lectures, of course we were in the same department, I always call her to confirm if lecture was on in the class, when to start coming and when not to come, but sometimes when I called, she would informed me there was no lecture at all, so I kept believing my friend because she was the closest friend I had, and also, being that we stay together, I don't suspect any thing fishing. 

Therefore I always expect her to tell me the truth about what happened in the school but, until one day someone called me from school that I Have been missing out in school assignments, lecture and quiz but my friend has been doing Her's without letting me know of all this things.

This situation made me to have many carry overs but, with hard work and resilience God saw me through and we all graduated the same time.

Some months later, names started coming out for national youth service Corp, we were all prepared to go to our posted places though we were posted in one state, before now I have planned on relocating and I seize the opportunity by working for my transfer to my desired state.

But to my utmost surprise why my friend, Ngozi should be upset that I would have work for her too so we can be in a place, but I never listen to her, my posting came out and was posted to a place of my choice.

After my relocation, my friend stopped calling me, no chat to the extent that when I called her she would not respond and communication line was cut off.

 After one year National Service (NYSC) was over, One night after our pop my Mobile phone beep and I saw her call for the first time since we part ways, I picked up her call and she was asking me if am back and where she could find the keys to my apartment for her to come back. I was dumb and confused not knowing what to say or do.

Please I need help what will I do.  Your advice please, is precious to me.

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