The Church Of God Must Return To The Foundation That God Laid

This is a very solemn warning for all men that occupy leadership positions in the church of God, particularly pastors.

God is today heightening the preparation of the church for the imminent return of Jesus Christ. As promised in the Bible, He is coming for a church without spot or wrinkle (Ephesians 5:27). A CHASTE VIRGIN (2 Corinthians 11:2). A Bride that is alert, watchful, and eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Bridegroom (Luke 12:36).

Well, we all know that the church is NOT in the state of this biblical prophecies today – yet, the coming of the Lord is imminent!

Therefore, to fulfil His word in Bible prophecies, God is today sending the truth of His word to cleanse the church. To revive His people, and to reveal both the Person and the glory of Christ to the church afresh. This is in line with the work of preparation that is outlined in Isaiah 40:3-5, to the intent that “…the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.” (verse 5)

However, as the truth that God is sending is reaching the church, it is CHALLENGING AND UPTURNING several teachings that church leaders have propagated for long periods. Thus, God’s truth is beginning to shake the foundation on which the church of today is built – a faulty foundation that is built on falsehood and deception. And, understandably, this is upsetting a lot of church leaders.

Instead of taking a step back in introspection to understand what is actually happening, many church leaders are rising up AGAINST this new move of God! Many are concerned that the ministries they have built for years/decades may collapse. And so, THEY ARE FIGHTING BACK.

And there is only one way of fighting back in this situation – and this is by OPPOSING, DERIDING, NULLIFYING, and RIDICULING the truth that God Himself is sending to His own people! In this way, many pastors are unknowingly setting themselves up AGAINST GOD. And DIRECTLY against His purpose in getting His Church ready for the arrival of His Son.

In doing this, many church leaders are setting up themselves as MOUNTAINS OF OPPOSITION to God’s end-time agenda. According to the prophecy of Isaiah quoted above, ALL SUCH MOUNTAINS SHALL BE DESTROYED (verse 4), so that the glory of God may be revealed to all mankind.

Now, here is the crux of this warning. As church leaders are today denying, twisting, and manipulating the word of God to maintain their status quo, God is slowly HARDENING THEIR HEARTS!!! Their consciences are slowly becoming SEARED. And their ears are slowly becoming DULL of hearing (to understand this spiritual principle, please study Hebrews 3:7-15 carefully).

This is a process that has already STARTED, but is proceeding slowly today because God is giving a period of grace for church leaders that still have enough humility to QUICKLY REPENT from this ignoble path of spiritual destruction. For it will get to a stage that some of them may start running virtually 'mad' on the pulpit! Other forms of inexplicable things will start happening to some of them as the anger of the Lord begins to rise slowly at their persistent rebellion against His purpose.

Slowly, the window of grace for repentance from this rebellion is beginning to close. The stage is being set slowly, BUT SURELY. If judgement will indeed start from the House of God, it will obviously start from the leaders. This is the divine process that is unfolding today. And NOTHING will stop it. NOTHING will hinder it. For all Bible prophecies MUST be fulfilled before the close of the age.

Therefore, HEAR, o ye church leaders! It is better to rush to the path of repentance today. It is better to lose a few years/decades of ministry, than to lose your soul in hell for all of eternity. It is better to let God (as well as the truth) have His way in His church. THE CHURCH DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU!

If you were humble in perception, you would have seen God’s handwriting on the wall on what is happening today. For you would have noticed that God is bypassing you, and using unknown faces to send His truth to His children. MOST of the truth that the children of God know today did NOT come through you. 

They came through ‘unknown’ names and faces – often NOT in church, but through social media and other informal interactions. Sadly, PRIDE did not allow most of you to notice this quiet CHANGE OF GUARD by God. And now, you are rousing from your slumber of pride to FIGHT what you do not know how it started! This is NOT the course of wisdom. It is the course of destruction. Eternal destruction!

Please repent. Repent today. Repent quickly. Repent earnestly. Repent with remorse. Repent with joy that God is giving you the chance to escape before the noose tightens. Repent with godly fear as you notice your ministerial colleagues begin to ‘go down’ one-by-one. PLEASE REPENT – for ONE DAY, it will be too late to repent.

A huge part of this repentance will mean stepping down from the role of one-man leadership over the church of God – for this role is NOT of God. It is the product of carnal intrusion and methodology in the church of God. This is why you will not find a basis for it in the Scriptures – unless you twist or modify the word of God.

Please step down. Step down into glory. Through the method of Body ministry, let the Son of God have His way in the church He died for. Let the Church of God return to the foundation that God Himself laid for her through the Apostles of Christ. The time has come.

If you are the wife of any of these church leaders, please start praying earnestly for your husband. Please pray day and night for him. Please pray with tears for him. For MANY, MANY will not heed this warning. Ego will urge many of them not to back down. Some have even crossed the rubicon of no return! But the door of mercy has not closed totally. There is still a small window of opportunity. A window of grace. Please utilise this grace on your knees, and in submission to God’s will.

And to the rest of us, please let us remember these men in prayer. If the Lord opens our eyes to see what lies ahead of most of these men, we will indeed pray earnestly for their repentance. And as we do so, let us ALL remember that the rod of rebuke that is now raised against church leaders awaits EVERY man or woman that follows their path in tampering with God’s ancient landmarks in these days. If you do not understand God’s word, please JUST LEAVE IT ALONE! Do not twist it. Do not bend it. Do not modify it to say what YOU are saying, or what YOU are thinking.

In the church of God, we are approaching UNPRECEDENTED DAYS. Please do not let those days consume you. Pray for a contrite heart before God. Pray for understanding. Pray for humility. And pray for the grace to stand before the Son of God when He arrives in blazing glory. The time is at hand.

Thanks for reading, God bless you.

Credit: Church Watch in Nigeria
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