Zimbabwe's President, Robert Mugabe resigns, ending four decades of rule on Tuesday, a week after the army and his former political allies moved against him.

The 93-year-old had clung on for a week after an army takeover and expulsion from his own ruling ZANU-PF party, but resigned shortly after parliament began an impeachment process seen as the only legal way to force him out. On the 17 November, we reported that it's difficult to piece together what is going to become of Zimbabwe after now, however history gives us a peek at the key Actors in the drama currently playing out.
Many of us thought President Robert Mugabe, the 93-year-old and the world oldest president, would rule Zimbabwe until he resign or died – but what is playing out recently speak otherwise. Mugabe’s decision to depose vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa, at the behest of his 52-year-old wife Grace, was the last straw, and the army stepped in to depose him in a smooth operation that met no opposition.

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Some erroneously posted the below video claimed to be Zimbabweans and the military dancing over the intervention of the military over the swift downfall of president Mugabe.

Though,tens of thousands of Zimbabweans have flooded the streets of the capital Harare, waving national flags and singing and dancing in an outpouring of elation at the expected fall of President  Mugabe in the early hour of saturday 18 November.

Marchers let their emotions run free as they spoke of political and economic change after two decades of repression and deepening hardship.

Frank Mutsindikwa, 34, said: ”These are tears of joy. I’ve been waiting all my life for this day. Free at last. We are free at last."
Protesters dance and sing, demanding for President Mugabe to step down
Grace Mugabe’s political assassination attempt on Mnangagwa – a move to position herself as her husband’s successor – drew comparisons with Lady Macbeth, not least since her hunger for power finally brought an end to Mugabes’ rule. 

The only real question was how her veteran husband let her lead him to that fatal step without seeing the blowback coming. Same also apply to the former Nigeria President, Goodluck Jonathan whose wife held sway and made many enemy for her husband that eventually caused Mr Jonathan to lost 2015 election to Muhammadu Buhari.

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Grace Mugabe started as an office affair, it was in the early 1990s when President Robert Mugabe's eye fell upon her when she was a shy typist.

She became Mugabe wife in an elaborate wedding but more than two decades later, her true color was revealed.

President Mugabe is trying to cling to power after the military took over this week in response to his purge of vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, 75, a liberation war fighter and Grace's sworn enemy. Robert Mugabe attended a university graduation ceremony Friday, making a first public appearance since the military takeover
President Robert Mugabe attends graduation ceremony
Mnangagwa's aides even accused her of trying to poison him with ice cream from her dairy farm this year. She denies this.

Grace, now 52 and under house arrest in Harare, had been calling for Mnangagwa's removal for weeks as the two fought an increasingly bitter winner-takes-all contest to succeed the man who has led Zimbabwe since independence from Britain in 1980.

It wasn't the first time Grace had wielded influence over her husband. When it appeared former vice president Joice Majuru was in line to succeed Mugabe in 2014, he fired her following public rallies at which Grace derided Majuru.

This time she appears to have gone too far.

The purge of Mnangagwa and many of his comrades irked the military, who had no intention of allowing Grace and her youthful Generation 40 (G40) faction of the ruling ZANU-PF to take over the political reins.

Deeply unpopular among much of the Zimbabwean public due to her alleged corruption and volatile temper, Grace does not have the liberation credentials the military believe are required to be a Zimbabwean ruler.

The lavish lifestyle that earned her the nickname "Gucci Grace" and the political ambition that almost propelled her to the presidency were not evident when she met her future husband.

"He just started talking to me, asking me about my life," she told a South African journalist in 2013. "I didn't know it was leading somewhere. I was quite a shy person, very shy."

At the time, they were both married. President Mugabe's wife, Sally, was desperately ill and died in 1992. Grace and Robert were married in 1996 and have three children.

Sixteen(16) Million Zimbabweans could not remove Mugabe but a Woman did.
My Mother was right when she always told me, "My Son - be careful who you fall in love with & eventually marry". It also happened in The Bible between Samson and Delilah.

This is a lesson to all Men!!


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