In Search of Mr Perfect (Episode 21)

The air was musty, filled with the scent of straw and oiled leather.
Imabasi’s new teaching job became fun to her as her new students loved the colour of her skin, and the way she pronounced British words.

She liked the way her students called her name, she giggled or gave a slight smile when they did.

On her way back to the quarters, Victor watched her from his office window. A hint of amusement in his eyes. A part of him wanted to call her to his office and just watch her grumble words he might not understand, while he made her jealous. But the wiser part dared not. He watched her till he couldn’t view her anymore from afar.

His phone rang, and when he peeped at it and saw that it was Miriam, he picked it up immediately.

Hi Mimi” He said softly.

We have a problem Victor, I think you should reveal the truth to Ima. She has been accusing me of betraying her. She has refused to pick my calls, I can’t talk to her until you do. She won’t agree to be my child’s godmother if we don’t settle this.”

You’re pregnant?” he asked in soft whispers.
Yes. Richard and I are having a baby. I haven’t told Ima yet because she is really upset with me.”

But she likes her job Mimi, she is used to it now.”

I know…if not she would have been gone a long time ago. My friendship with my best friend is at stake here Victor, please help me clean this mess.”
Mimi, I am Your best friend’s boss. She doesn’t greet me, she doesn’t visit my office, she snobs me even when she knows I admire her.” Victor said casually.

When the call ended, Victor thought about how he was going to talk to Imabasi. He could not get over the passion and emotional that descended on him after he kissed her, and when he remembered that she kissed him back, he came calm as he summoned courage to visit the quarters.
A flash lightning illuminated the room and she caught a glimpse of her surrounding. Imabasi was checking her students test scripts on her laptop.

A plate of bacon cooked to a crisp sat next to the coffeepot. She savoured every delectable morsel, even the coffee tasted nice, it was Denmark coffee, the one she bought at the school shopping mall the previous evening.

Licking her fingers, she went back to her laptop, checking through each students test script.

There was a knock on her door, and she wondered who it was. It was the first time someone knocked on her door at that time of the night.
Who is there?”

It’s me.” Victor replied in a low tone. Her heart melted when she heard his voice. She had wondered what he wanted from her at that of the night, she became curious and walked hastily toward the door, clicking it open.

She stood there for a while, not saying a word as they looked into each other’s eyes for a moment.
I do not entertain male visitors in my apartment at this time, worse? A married man who is suppose to be in bed with his wife .” She said, walking away as Victor walked slowly behind her.

I want us to talk about something.”

Whatever it is, we will talk about it tomorrow.”
I want to talk about it now. Right now.” Victor said authoritatively.”

Go ahead.” She said, despite her unwillingness to show emotion in front of him.
On a quick breath, Victor said, “Everything was a game to get you to me, I mean to get you here so that we can date. I am not married, Monica is my younger brother’s wife. All that was a game. The wedding gown scene and the acceptance letter were all planned by Miriam, I and Monic.”

Imabasi stared at him in shock.

Ignoring her rapidly beating heart, she tried to force calm into her heart.
I am sorry, your prank failed you. I am in a relationship with someone else. You’re a married man to me Victor.”

Victor’s expression became blank.

“Are you in love with him?” he asked.
She shut her eyes and nodded her head, too weary to delve into her heart.
She wanted to lean her head against his shoulder, but she did not. It was important that she remain strong and keep telling him of her new found love.

After a moment, he sat beside her. His face misted over, he was weak and thought of how to convince Imabasi to kiss him just the way she did the other day at his office.
At last he spoke, forcing her to look at him.

I am asking you three questions. first, do you love this man?
second, do you think he loves you enough to marry you?
thirdly, can’t you just leave him for me?” He suddenly asked, his eyes surprisingly gentle.

If I didn’t love him, I won’t tell you about him at first.” She said tentatively.
You can tell him to go.”

Why?” Imabasi asked amazingly.
Because you have me. You love me.” Then he pulled back and his fingers traced the curve of her throat, his eyes on hers, assessing as he tilted her face.

He pulled her face gently toward his mouth, Imabasi became hesitant as she took away her face.

Leave me alone.” She didn’t like that he easily roused her deepest emotions.
When he attempted kissing her again, she squirmed.

Something in Imabasi’s expression told Victor that she wanted him, despite the fact that she had someone who loved her. He wasn’t sure she loved that person that much.

(Episode 22)
I am feeling sleepy. I have a class tomorrow.” Her tone was cool.
Tomorrow is Saturday. It is not on the school timetable that any teacher should teach on Saturdays.” He said huskily, as his eyes held hers.

“Imabasi, I did all I could to make you mine, and you wanna pay me back this way?” His words sent an icy chill down her spine.

She began to feel weaknesses for him, she knew that her body would fail him, she held his face and began to kiss him softly.

And there he was, kissing her like his life depended on it.

His gaze slid down the deep curve of her waist, the bewildering sexual pull he felt
toward her seeping into his body, a warming fire he knew would be difficult to douse if he allowed it to burn hotter.

Suddenly, Imabasi’s phone rang and when she saw that it was her mother, she rejected the call and placed the phone on her ears.
Victor didn’t notice that she rejected the call.

Hello darling” She said in soft whispers as Victor stared at her with wildness in his eyes.

“I miss you too.” she said. The slightest smile edge her mouth as he stood up pained.
Despite the terrible feelings he had, his expression softened when Imabasi pretended to hung up the call. But he wasn’t aware she was pretending.

my boo just called.” She said nicely. She probably expected him to cry, but instead, he walked slowly toward the door.

I will be visiting him in Hampshire next weekend.” She said excitedly. She was surprise he still had a normal face. He didn’t frown or say nasty things to her, he only watched her talk about her imaginary lover like he meant the world to her.

Pain slammed into his heart and jolted him. Imabasi could feel his eyes on her.
Please close the door behind you when you walk.” she said, laughing aloud and running her fingers on her phone screen.

Victor started to respond, then realized any response he tries to give to her, might hurt him more. He didn’t want to look at her anymore. But he wanted to feel her presence, and even if it was just for the last time he would have loved to kiss her again, so he denied himself her gaze. 

But he couldn’t control himself. He rushed to her and his hands caught her wrist, her eyes shot up to his and he surprised her by trying to unbutton her night wear. She pushed him away.
Get out! you want to have sex with me and make me cheat on my boyfriend.” She yelled.

Victor wondered what cheating meant to her. She had kissed him several times, and making love to her suddenly turned out to be offensive.
But he reminded himself that for one wild and insane moment beneath the sky, he had kissed her over and over again.

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Credit: Vicky Bon
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