With Power, You can do all things

In my country, Nigeria, The Ibos from south east are looking for money. And they have it...

The Yorubas from south west are looking for education And they have it...

Hausa from the north are looking for power And they too have it...

But the Hausa men are controlling both those with money and those with certificates with the oil from south south/ niger delta.

A man in power, either political power, spiritual power, or economic power, can control a man with money and with degrees.
You can hate a man with political power...But you are still under him.
You can speak grammar more than him. But you are still under him.

Just one decision he will make can affect your source of money.
If he gets angry and effects a policy, all your degrees might be useless in your hands.

That is why all Jesus promised His disciples was not money or scholarships. But He said: "And ye shall receive power..."

Because He understands that there are powers. Don't just pray for promotion in the office.
Pray for promotion in the school of Power.

They can raise your salary, yet, a 9-year old girl with demonic powers can be controlling how you spend the salary.

Your father might have ended the way he did because of powers that fought him. What your family is passing through might be because of inherited problems caused by those with power.

Thank God for your degrees and business ideas...But ma/sir, look for the Power of God

As you go to church don't ask God for money as usual...Cry to God for His Power

How far could the Apostles have gone in life without the endowment of the Power from on High?
Can you see why Jesus told them not to move an inch without the power?
Don't you think that what you are going through in that business or marriage is because you went in without the power of God?

The road is far sir/ma...You & I need the Power of God. If you are reading this, God might be depending on you to change the condition of your family. School degrees and business ideas might have failed.

Can you cry to God for His power this day?
Unless if you are not tired of so many negative things playing out around you. If they told you that you have no battles after Calvary, they did not tell you the whole truth because, After being born again, the real battles begins

And it won't stop until we leave this earth...Jesus has gone to the Cross to purchase our victory.
But with that, we must enforce our victory in the place of prayer. Whatever we failed to protect is easily destroyed. 

If we fail in the place of prayer, we have failed everywhere...I am in the mood to cry to God this day

Prayer is the key, prayer is the key, prayer is the master key. Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer, prayer is the master key.

Can you spare some minutes or hours to cry to God this day?

Look at the killings, destruction, poverty, famine, injustice, and perversion everywhere

If Almighty God heard the Apostles, I am sure that this day, He can also fall upon us by His power...
If you are willing & ready. Then, let us pray more for God's power this day, this year 2018

Have a great, powerful, prayerful year 2018.
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