Pastor Denied Christ At Boko Haram Gun Point

The Chisco Transport took off from Lagos travelling to Kano, the driver decided to pass trough Abuja for a reason known to the driver. As they were on their way, Rachael wish to stand and preach the gospel, but as she was about to stand up, She heard a voice from back asking people to shout Halleluyah, it was the voice of A man who introduced himself as Pastor James, since the Lord has chosen someone else to preach in the Bus, then Rachael relax to listen to the message, Pastor James preaching focused much on holiness and a righteous living in which no man can entered the kingdom of God, he talk much on heavenly homes the Lord Jesus has gone to prepared for his saint, and he encourage people to turn away from their sins so that they will be qualified for this heavenly home.

He added, this earth is nothing, only evil covers the earth, but they should strive to enter the kingdom of God a place of Happiness and full of peace, he talk so much about heaven and even claim he saw a vision of it and he can’t wait to go there heaven is sweet, this and that in heaven, by and by in heaven, angels are singing, flowers are dancing even in his preaching many people desire to be there and so and so, many people raised their hand up and surrender their live to Christ when pastor James raised the call of salvation, Rachael was very happy with the preaching of the pastor, and even more happy for the number of people who gave their live to Christ trough the preaching of the man of God.
As the bus pass through Bauchi, in northern part of Nigeria, they came across the Boko Haram terrorist who stopped their bus, they were all full of fears, suddenly they matched them down from the bus, a young boy not more than 4 years old jump up and shout mummy mummy see machine gun, I saw it in my book, he was very happy to see a tank but never understood what was going on, her mother was already urinating in her skirt and she will not answer him.

Then the Boko Haram terrorist leader asked them one after the other, if you are for Jesus come to the left, and if you are for prophet Mohamed come to the right hand side the young boy who doesn’t know what was going on, because he heard the preaching of Jesus in the bus, he jumped up and shout, yes I am for Jesus, perhaps he taught he would be allow to enter the Amour Tank, but instead, one of the terrorist cut off his head and pieces the boy with a machete, wawa, wauta arna he said.

They were all perplexed and the whole place were stinking because half of the passengers has already urinated in their pants, because they shot the driver who was trying to escape before their eyes and slaughter and pieces a small boy like a chicken, right before their eyes. 

Then their leader discover a bible in the hand of Pastor James, then he quickly ask them to bring him forward so as to begin with him when pastor James realized he has being discovered, he quickly throw away his bible, then their leader started interviewing him while he urinate in his trouser

Boko Haram Leader, …………………….. Do you believe In Jesus?

Pastor James……………………………No I didn’t believe in Jesus

Boko Haram Leader………Did you believe in Prophet Mohammed ?

Pastor James……………….Yes I believe in Prophet Mohammed

Boko Haram Leader……………………….Do you believe what we are doing is the right Thing?

Pastor James………………………………………Yes you people are doing the right thing

Boko Haram Member……………………...Deny Jesus that Jesus is not the son of God

Pastor James………………………Jesus is not the son of God

Boko Haram Leader………………………… Jesus is a servant of Allah

Pastor James………………………………….. Yes he is a servant of Allah

Boko haram Leader……………………….. say Allah is great

Pastor James……………………………… of course Allah is great

After all these confession made by pastor James, he was asked to stay in the right hand side of the boko-haram member, but unfortunately, the others didn’t even wait for their leader to question them before they started shouting Allah is great and rushing to the right hand side where pastor James was standing, they all denied their faith, but only Rachael refuse to deny her faith, she was very surprised to see the pastor whose his preaching moved him seriously, suddenly compromised his faith.

They asked her, do you want to die with your Jesus, you this Pagan, according to koran Sura 47:4 Clash with this unbeliever and smite her neck said their leader, and he order the rest to go back into the bus, but the driver has being killed already.

Their leader order two of them to slaughter Rachael like a cow, in the name of Allah, but she just smile and say within herself, Lord if this will be my chance of coming home, your will be done. Prepare for my coming Lord , I’m on my way. As the two tried to kill her, they saw her smiling, not even afraid of the tank, ak47 or the cutlasses, then they try to cut off her head with anger but their hands hang on air and couldn’t come down again, also their legs were seized by an unknown forces. The rest were shocked and tried to shoot her, but nothing came out of their weapon, and they all ran away.
But the two Boko member whose hand were hanged up started begging Rachael to have mercy on them, she said, I have no power, only one solution you have and that is Jesus, give your life to him and serve him, you must deny your faith and confess that Jesus is the son of God, then you will live again, they agree to do that. Then she lead them in a prayer of repentance and they started crying for their rocky heart were melt away, and their hand were restored back.

Pastor James was full of shame and could not even remain with the other passenger, he sneak away from among them to board another bus. (Let’s stop here)

If the spirit of fear rules over your life, you will deny Christ, and the fearful shall not inherit the kingdom of God(Rev21:8)

Rev13:9-10 Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand. Anyone who is destined for prison will be taken to prison. Anyone destined to die by the sword will die by the sword. This means that God’s holy people must endure persecution patiently and remain faithful.

If you are not destined to die by car, you can never die by car. God purposely allow something to happen to us to test and see if what we truly confess with our own mouth truly comes out from our heart or not. There are many who truly preached about heaven, but when the opportunity to go there finally arrived, they will run away. 

Isn’t that hypocrite? It has being destined that Rachael will convert two Boko Haram to Christ and God can make it comes in anyway which he chose, it may come in a hard way and may come in an easy way. but it has being destined that some set of people will come to know Christ trough you before you live the world, he can do it trough treat or temptation or trough persecution like the jailer and Paul.

If Paul has not gone to prison, Onesimus might not known Christ (Phil1:10-18). whenever you found yourself in a place you don't wish, always know it's for a purpose. A man of God locked up in a prison for preaching the gospel, should know that God sent him there to convert some certain prisoners to Christ. we need to understand the mind of God.

Nebuchadnezzar wouldn't have Believe if the three Hebrew has not determine to die, also Daniel faith in the lion’s den make the king to trust more in Daniels’ God. if God is with you, no one can be against you.

How much time have you denied Christ just because you want to live? 

What is it we are enjoying in this evil world that cause you to want to remain in it? 

Yet you will pick up mega phone every morning preaching salvation to others, come to internet preach about Heaven always, and when the chance to go there arise, you run away, you don’t want to go there. That’s hypocrite, as a child of God we should rejoice whenever the chances of going to heaven arises, because we know where we are going, but not as they who kill in name of their god(John16:2), for they are blind and knew not where they are going to. Note that, when you try to run away from a snake, you may run into a lion’s den unknowingly.

No one can kill you if your time has not come, and if God has program it for you to die in a plane, you will not die in a boat, even if you are very poor, if you have being destined to die in a America, you will not die in Togo, Why are you then afraid of the stormy sea, when Jesus said you will take the gospel all over the world? , God who has called you is able to rescued you and even if he didn’t rescue you, Who are you to retain your body from him? 

Are you the owner of it or God? Didn’t he have the right to do whatever he wishes to what he creates? Rom14: 8 whether we live, aren’t we the Lord; and whether we die, aren’t we the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we still belong to him, and he alone determined our destiny
As a child of God, we should always look for every way to give glory to God, stop denying him because of your life that isn’t yours, but God, if God want it burnt in fire, then why struggling with him? Didn’t he owe it?

Many people will be travelling from India to China, from China to America just because they are sick, maintaining the body that will decay, they don’t want to die, they will spent millions of dollars on their health, just to remain in this world of sin that will be burnt with fire (Mal:4:1) why don’t you focus on things waiting for you in heaven and strive to earn it?

Be bold, don’t deny Christ, you may not live if you do that, many time they tried to killed Paul, but he never die, even not by stoning, but he was destined to die by beheading, John was never programmed to die in boiled oil, even when they try to kill him, but was destined to die a natural death.

Herod was being programmed to kill Philips and not Peter. Daniel was never programmed to be eaten up by Lions but was to die a natural death, why are you running up and down Pastor Elijah when you are not destine to die in hand of Jezebel, but to travel in a chariot of fire.

Paul suffer so much, and yet he never die, 7years in prison, he never stop preaching, beating trice, yet he never bleed to death, was even stoned but yet he survived it, he was not destined to die by stoning, but Stephen was destined to die by stoning. Yet he was not afraid of death, all the mark on his body, he called it the mark of Christ and was boast of it. If you are destined to die in Iraq, no boko haram will kill you in Nigeria.

But here you are? Facing death one time, you denied Christ, they told Paul, The Jews at Jerusalem will bind him, and shall deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles. but Paul answered and said I am ready not to be bound only, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.(Act21:10).to live is for Christ and to die is Gain. Can you say that? Why your own living turned to gain? If you care much for your life you can never please God.

Jesus said you must face many trials to enter heaven, he never brought peace to earth, peace between evil doer and righteous people, btw the goat and sheep, but he brought a sword even in same family
It may not be the country terrorist but a family terrorist. Haven’t you denied Christ because of your wife or husband treating you? 

When your husband is doing the wrong thing, you can’t correct him, because you are afraid, even when he tells you the man is the head of the wife, why are you not bold to let him know the Bible is the head of the Husband, you saw your husband playing around with women, you can’t talk because you are afraid of getting into trouble, isn’t that good trouble?

Christianity is more than I don’t want to suffer, Sandarac Meshach Abednego suffers, Daniel suffers, Jeremiah suffer, why will you say I’m going to heaven and will not want to suffer for Christ sake?
You saw your husband doing dubious businesses and you can’t talk even when you know it will land him in hell, but how foolish you are, you are the one helping him to spend the money,
can you go hungry and say my husband I can’t spend this money with you? 

Even if you have to go hunger and die before the rest of us, isn’t that better than to deny Christ? Don’t you know if you die early and go to heaven because of righteousness, you can spend 10-20 years before we come? I’m surprised of this generation Christian, who will sing about heaven, talk about heaven, preached about heaven, but when the chance come to go there they are not willing to go, we fear death as the same way the people of the world fear death, if anyone want us to suffer for Christ sake for sake of righteousness, let’s take our stand and stop being hypocrite. 

How can you call yourself a born-again, but trying to cover it from your parent who are Muslims or catholic, just because you are afraid of their actions? can you light your lamp and hide it under a bed? in school you go to born-again church but at home you go to Catholics because you don’t want to hurt your parent? if you die in that way, you can't make it only you repent. Stand for the truth; let them disown you for Christ. Stop being hypocrite.

A time is coming when they will be persecuting Christian from home to home, school to school, and office to office,(John 16:2) you may not deny Jesus on face book now, but Are you sure when it remain you and you alone, ARE YOU SURE YOU WILL NOT DENY HIM? Be bold, he who loses his life for sake of righteousness will find it. I’m dedicating these write-ups to my Christian brothers under the Islamic terrorist throughout the world, I pray the Lord will help you to stand till the end in Jesus name, his right hand will uphold you all, amen.

Source: Nairalife forum
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