Welcome to the fourth week of the series tagged, 'Three Amazing facts about life'. Last week facts was on three things you should never lost which are, HOPE, PEACE, and HONESTY.

This week amazing facts is about those valuable things needed for the unspeakable joy, it is rightly said that, ''a man's networth is important than his outlook''. So, these valuable things you must have are: Love, Kindness, Family & Friend.

God is love (1 John 4:8) He value love more than anything. God is so much in love with His children to the extent that, He made them to possess other peoples hard earned property. 

He uses their enemies to display His love and power. “For God so loved (valued) the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”. (John 3:16) 

Love is a deep affection and devotion, love is always “giving”. When you are in love with someone, all attention will be focus on such person and also, devoted your time, resources to please such person. In the book of proverb 10:12b, the Bible says, love covers multitudes of sin.” 

The lord Jesus Christ also displays this love in john 15:13. greater love has no one…..” let love be one of  your net worth among those things you value and cherish most in life. It is a must for you to love the Lord your God. deuteronomy 6:5, matthew 22:39 and also your neighbor. leviticus 19:18, james 2:8.

If you should have misfortune, one by one people will desert you but your family will never leave you nor abandon you, also your faithful friends will stick with you for better or in bad situation.

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Show me a successful man and I will show you a good and encouraging family and also, faithful friend. The difference between a successful person and other is not a lack of strength, but rather they lack family and friendS support. An adage says “birds of the same feather flock together.” 

Your friends make a big impact in how far you can go in life, this is why you have to be very careful and watchful in selecting your friends.

Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have troubles remembering how to fly.

Your family is like a current that supply you power. They are the first contact whether in good or bad time. They are more important and valuable to you; so also is your associate who likes and cares for your growth. We should all pray for the type of friend the scripture talk about in proverb 14:20 “a friend love at all time,”a friend that stay when there is difficulties, a friend like Jesus who laid his life for His friends.

This is the third networth that is also valuable to everybody, the dictionary defined it as “the quality of being kind” to treat somebody with kindness and consideration. We should be kind enough in any position or situation we may be, let's tell the truth, encourage, enlighten, and assist whoever need your help. God created you so that you can help others. 

You are your brother’s keeper, don’t be like cain who does not care for his brother.(genesis 4:9) Our Lord Jesus shows his kindness throughout his ministration. 

He has the opportunity on the cross to place curse or to report His killer to His Father but instead He prayed for them to repent and be forgiven.

What impact are you making in that place you are occupying, how are you showing kindness? check yourself and evaluate your networth, it's not how much you have in your bank account that count, rather it is how many lives you have been able to impacted positively that count before God. 

Hillel once said “if I am not for myself ,who will be for me? yet if I am for myself alone, of what good am I ?” please I beg you in the name of God; don’t ever get tired of loving your family, friends and your creator. Also love your enemy so that their wickedness will return back to their head.

Let your family and your friends take the first seat in your life. 

Never get weary in showing kindness, God will grant you the grace to love and care for your family and be kind to your neigbour in Jesus ‘name.  

This week, ensure you cherish these most valuable things in your life, love everybody as God also love all His creation, show kindness to people and take good care of your family and friends.


God bless you as you live by the word of God. See you next week by God grace and remember to share to all your social media so that others will benefit from this, your comment also is welcome.
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