Asia Bibi's Acquittal Sparked Protests by Islamists

People protesting against Asia Bibi's acquittal

Two years back, The American Center for Law and Justice and other groups called on Christians to raise up their voices to support Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five whose death sentence appeal was heard in October 2016 by Pakistan's Supreme Court.

Last week, God answer the prayers of thousands across the world who prayed and raised their voice in support of Asia Bibi. 

The Supreme Court ruling of last week immediately sparked violent protests from Islamist. Seeing the outrage and sensing the danger, the government and the protesters leaders made some agreement. 

The government agreed to their demand to stop Asia Bibi from leaving Pakistan upon her release. 

News of her release led to some confusion, with reports she had been taken to another country. But the foreign office later said she was still in Pakistan. 

The case is highly sensitive and Information Minister Fawad Hussein said journalists had been "extremely irresponsible" in reporting she had left the country without official confirmation. 

Those reports were based on comments from her lawyer, Saiful Malook, who is seeking asylum in the Netherlands after facing death threats. 

Asia Bibi's husband had said they were in danger and pleaded for asylum. A number of Western countries are understood to have held discussions with Asia Bibi's family about granting them asylum. 

The mother-of-five was released from prison in the city of Multan on Wednesday and it remains unclear exactly where she is. Also known as Asia Noreen, she was convicted in 2010 of insulting the Prophet Muhammad during a row with neighbours. 

The Pakistani government has said it will start legal proceedings to prevent her going abroad after agreeing the measure to end the violent protests.
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