Seno kissed her lips, as he looked at her tolerantly.

His shoulders brushed against hers, and her heart pounded as blood thrummed hotly through her veins.
She had never been susceptible to Harry’s touch the way she was with Seno.

She suddenly remembered that she pregnant, she paused a bit and pushed him slowly away.
“I can’t be doing this in this condition. My baby won’t like it.” she whispered.
He frowned and placed his hands on her belly.

“Let it just come out, so that I can have my woman back into my life.” He whispered softly into her ears. Atimma’s laughter was deep and amused.

“I want to surprise you. I will be going on a vacation with you after childbirth. But for now…” He dipped his hands inside his suit pocket and brought out a cheque, and put In her hands then kissed her palms. “This is for my lost but found Queen. 

Get yourself a car with that. You don’t deserve to walk or suffer with this pregnancy.” He added.
Atimma shook her head excitedly. She hugged Seno tight to herself and whispered, “thank you so much.”

Seno stared at her body lustfully. The thoughts of her beneath him, her body covered with sheen of sweat, her eyes filled with passion while he made love to her ran through his mind.

“I love you. It’s my wife I don’t cherish. I cherish you.”

“You should have married me. Harry is a good man, he doesn’t deserve this.”
“I am sorry my love.”

She flushed and pulled away from Seno’s reassuring strength. The feeling of longing to be with him again settled.

Harry had trekked from Abia’s building to his house. He walked on his feets for over five hours until he got back home.

He clicked the door open and saw his mother counting ten naira notes, sitting on the floor with her legs spread. He became surprise.

“Where did you get that from mama?” he asked.

His mother used the saliva in her mouth to separate the notes accordingly before responding.

“I went to look for money. I used the last five hundred I had to buy pure water. I made gain of eight hundred naira today alone.” She said excitedly as she stared down at Harry, his face closed and grin.

“Why would you mama?” he asked painfully.

“We need to save up for your wife. She will be due soon. I also have to buy clothes for my grand child.”
Harry nodded and half smiled, a pale phantom of his usual flippant grin. “I think I will join you in selling tomorrow.” He said softly and settled on the sofa.

“What happened to your bricklaying work?” His mother asked, looking surprised.
“I lost it. The house has been completed already.” He said sadly.

“Everything will be fine… I have been praying for you….” The voice continued, soothing, calming, and gentle. Her beloved hands cradled his forehead.

Moments later, Atimma got into the house. Her face had a delighted expression.
“Good evening…” She greeted calmly.

Harry didn’t respond, but his mother nodded. ” Welcome my daughter…”
Atimma became amaze at Harry’s mom new attitude towards her.
“Sit down Atim. I want to talk to the both of you.”

Atimma lowered herself slowly on the sofa. They both watched Harry’s mom squeeze in the arranged naira notes inside her wrapper, she tied it firmly and then took her gaze back to Harry and Atimma.

“I was told that marriage isn’t the bed of roses, it is true. There is no perfect Marriage, but love corrects imperfections and makes it beautiful.” She paused and yawn a bit.
“Forgiveness isn’t for people who are not ready to be married. Since I came here, I haven’t seen the both of you talk to each other, no love…

It is not good. Reconcile and make peace, if not for anything, for the sake of the baby.”
Her voice was coaxing them, buzzing into their ears like a a pesky bee.
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