WATER BAPTISM?: How does the bible teaches us to do it?

As I said, we are going to be looking at "WATER BAPTISM" according to the scriptures. It might be a little bit lengthy, but please be patient and read to the end because it has to do with your eternal soul.

What is BAPTISM? The word "Baptism" is a transliteration of the Greek word BAPTIZO which means to immerse/be buried.


I grew up in Catholic family, and was told by my parents that I was baptised as an infant. I accepted it as someone who was completely ignorant of the scriptures, even though I carry and read my Bible, but I was still ignorant of it because I wasn't saved and was not reading it with the knowledge/understanding of the Holy Spirit.

By the grace of God, I got saved and with the doctrine of Holiness, Righteousness and Truth, God is gradually opening my eyes to the scriptural doctrine Jesus left for the apostles with the help of the Holy Spirit. For the bible said that he will send us the holy spirit the comforter that will teach us all truth. 

Now I have seen how wrong my parents were for baptising me as infant.

If I say l am a Christian, I must follow the steps of Christ as it is written in the scripture, for the scriptures are inspired by God and it is profitable for correction, rebuking, doctrine and for training in righteousness; 2Timothy 3:16.

Now how does the bible teaches us to do "WATER BAPTISM? Let's us go to the bible in the book of Matthew 3:13-17. The bible told us that Jesus came to river Jordan to be baptized by John as an adult and not as infant. The bible also in the book of Act 8:26-40 told us the full story of how the Ethiopian Eunuch was baptised, I can go on and on to mention other Bible verses where so many converts were baptized, and none were baptized as infant.

The bible recorded in Act 8:37 that Ethiopian Eunuch believed in his heart that Jesus is the son of God, before his was baptized. For the bible said in the book of Mark 16:16; Whoever believes and is baptised, will be save. 

In other words it takes an adult or someone who has come to the knowledge of the truth to believe and not an infant.

Secondly, all the baptism that was conducted in the Bible was done in a river or a pool of water, that you will see in the baptism of Jesus Christ in Matt 3:13-17, Ethopia Eunuch Act 8:38 and all other baptism conducted in the Bible.

Thirdly, the bible recorded that they all went into the water and were immersed in it and not using basin or bucket of water to sprinkled on them.

If the bible never recorded all this form of baptism most churches are conducting, where then is their doctrine coming from?

Someone said we were all born a sinner, because of the sin of our first parents Adam & Eve and as such if an infant dies without baptism the child will go straight to hell, quoting Romans 3:23.

I agreed with him that we were all born into this world a sinner, but I completely disagree with him that an infant who dies without baptism will go to hell. That is complete ignorance of the scripture. 

For my Bible tells me in the book Romans 5:18; that as the sin of Adam & Eve condemns all to damnation, so as the righteousness act of our Lord Jesus Christ Justify's and gives us life.

Once a child is not up to the age of accountability, I mean knowing good from evil, that singular act of Jesus in Rom 5:18 has justified him if he dies as an infant.

Please stop thinking for God, for the bible said the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of all men put together; 1Corinthians 1:25. Stop adding up doctrines that God didn't add to the scripture all in the name of thinking right. 

For God will add to your punishment if you add to the scripture.

Follow the doctrines of the scriptures and not of men, for God is the author and the finisher of our faith. If you are reading this and out of ignorance you have participated in any form of baptism that is not of Jesus, I mean, Infant Baptism, Baptism of sprinkling of water on the forehead from basin or bucket.

I beseech you today brethren, that you go and conduct the proper baptism which is the baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ as written in the scripture, anything other than this scriptural baptism, you are wasting your time. For if we are called Christian (Followers of Christ) we must follow his step.

The Baptism of Jesus Christ must be in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and must be conducted in a river or a pool of water. 

Lastly, the candidate must believe in Jesus Christ first before he/she is immersed/buried in the pool of water and not water being sprinkled on him. For with baptism we are buried and resurrected with Christ.

May God give us perfect understanding of the scriptures in Jesus name... Amen


Copyright @ Stanley Onyewuchi
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