How To Reduce Your Vulnerability to Coronavirus

How can you limit your personal exposure to coronavirus? 

Here are steps you can take to avoid/reduce your vulnerability to COVID-19.

a. Move away from people breathing in your face.

b. Avoid indoor close gatherings of people.

c. Stand some feet away even when outside. 

d. Dress warmly so you can seek blowing air, even when it's cold. 

c. Don't spend long in a poorly ventilated rest room where someone may have coughed hard moments ago.

Be extra careful if you are a vulnerable person. Sufficient masks must be made readily available for hospitals, clinics and other caregivers. 

Everyone else, meanwhile, should use avoidance to minimize virus particles deposited near your face.

And since you may well have been exposed anyhow, remove any coronavirus already around your nose and throat, by: Wash your hands and face well with soap and warm water, including -- on a finger -- a quarter-inch into each nostril. 

Then gently blow your nose. DON'T use those irrigating devices, like neti pots, that might force virus further inside! Brush your teeth and tongue, swish and spit, and gargle once or twice with an antiseptic mouthwash.

The key is to minimize the virus burden around and inside your face before you go to sleep.

Limit sedation before sleep during an epidemic. If you use a device at night for sleep apnea, make sure it remains away from where people could cough, sneeze and breathe on it, and clean it regularly.

That's how to minimize exposing your lungs to any lurking coronavirus dosage you might encounter.

If we can all follow the rules and obey, pray and ask God for forgiveness of our sins, then the Father of creation will heal our land of this virus, according to 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Kindly share this article with others to enlighten them also and collectively stop this pandemic.

Ref: CNN
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