The Drag Of Events

You enter your room, a voice tells you “throw it!”. Passing the night on the family couch, you already had enough reluctance folding the coverlet. So, throwing it to a corner of the bed was a better option. Then a smaller voice softly said “take it over there and lay it gently on the mattress.” Trouble is, the latter voice sounded kind of heavenly since you had been calling on God to help fix your untidy impatience.

Now calling to mind, it was the same voice that made you consider folding the warmth-giver in the first instance, when all you wanted to do was roll it, dump it and ignore it till needed again. After all, this is not a five star for stiffness sake! A box of matches fell from my hand. I tried packing them back all up together when I heard “pick them up one by one.” As if that was not enough for a day, my box of office pins over turned…(ah!)

Lectures of patience are often ridiculous. Please replace “often” with “always” because life-altering, life-changing graces hide daily in these innocuous circumstances.

Not by mere happenstance do these things reveal our insecurities and shortcomings, they are pointers to achievable opposites-able to add genuine colours to our existence, thereby leaving us with the choice to either stay the way we conveniently love being, or be headed in the direction unknown that appears bumpy and scarily suggestive-spelt only to the lover of comfort as inconvenience. Staying undetailed in our pack-it-all-together in distinctions, we never open up to clear-cut status boosters that strangely place demand on our hidden ability for patience.

If you dare for nothing, you need hope for nothing. Why? Patience requires faith and faith dares to hold on when all hades break loose. Impatience works with reason and is always threatened, in secured about someone overtaking, overthrowing and possessing their stuff. To the pure, the Bible says, all things are pure.

To the patient, all things promised are coming. A wise man once said ‘’don’t play not to lose. Play to win .’’  Don’t put a must on winning, yet, don’t even think of not winning. Engage your all to ensure you win. Have hope! Don’t contend! Patience is the key that demands perfection for acceptance-commanding performance . ‘’...Let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect nothing and entire, wanting ‘’James 1:4   

According to the verse before this, the trying of your faith gives birth to patience. The terminology is on “works!” i.e., its no easy task. You have to work patience into expressiveness in your life. “so let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus..” he had so much power control to be impatient with the drag of events but for the Joy that was set before him, he patiently endured. Didn’t Brother Jude specifically tell us to earnestly contend for the generational faith? But I see believers contending for events, badging at the wrong tree.

Hey!, Jesus was tempted each step of the way. You have to contend for the faith that produces patience In you to be still before God who is able to flood you with the informative inspiration – able to make you win it all. ALL! Not some. Forget about that devil departing from Jesus for a season according to the scriptures. If you keep vaunting over being privileged about fellow human, can you have the sea obey you and not unbelievably misbehave?

That’s why God needs your patience and as you read this piece, he is waiting for its perfection. It must be entire without tiring out or else that devil that seemed departed for a season in your face that moves in for the anxiety-attack kill. Power intoxicates; nevertheless Jesus never got dominion drunk. But you are already drunk on best in family, smartest among friends and first class’ before colleagues.

Jesus became extraordinary out of ordinary and he commanded us all to be thus exercised – loving our neighbours enough to receive the power to help them. The average believer’s error is hoping for the power of God while hating the sinner, the poor, the ostracized that the power is meant for.  Keep dreaming, you heavenly- purpose hater!

I choose to be effective in your salvation-enabling power, O LORD, I receive the grace to hear your still small voice daily instructing me for the working of patience by my own faith in the name of Jesus.

By Akin paul akinboyede

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