Lose Your Religion mindset And Gain Your Faith in God

Just as you have organised crime, you also have organised religion. And both of them are cartels that promote an agenda that only those at the very top of their pyramid are fully aware of, while those at the bottom are, to varying degrees, clueless indoctrinated soldiers of religion.

Christ did not come to Earth to establish a religion. Instead, He died to set us free and reestablish our direct connection to God. This phenomenon is called faith. Not religion.

That is why Hebrews 11:6 says “without faith it is impossible to please God.” You can have religion and displease God, however, you cannot have faith in Christ and displease God.

One of the most significant cons on Earth is the idea sold by Christendom (the official name of the organised religion that came out of Rome) that your religious activity determines whether or not you make it into heaven.

That is a lie on several levels. First of all, we are not all going to make it to heaven even if we have the right faith. However, we will all make it to God’s Kingdom if we have faith.

There is nothing in Scripture that suggests that we will all make it to heaven. Some people will. But others, like the meek, will inherit the new Earth – Matthew 5:5.

There is going to be a new heaven and a new Earth, which believers in God will populate through Christ – Revelations 21:1.

And then Scripture tells us that “by grace you have been saved through faith”-Ephesians 2:8. Religion does not feature in the equation.

This is why the thief at Christ’s side made it to Paradise just by having faith a few minutes before he died – Luke 23:43. No religious activity was featured in that sequence.

This is the reason why believers in Christ should focus on Scripture to work out their salvation rather than on religion. Christ has made it easy for you. That is why He said “it is finished”-John 19:30.

Organised religion is so dangerous that they are prepared to vary the word of God to keep you under their control, that is why you cannot afford to entrust your salvation to a pastor, church, denomination, or orthodoxy.

Your salvation is as easy as making a decision to believe that Christ came to die for the sin of the world, which occurred in the Garden of Eden. Simple.

Notice I said sin, not sins. Organised religion uses guilt to control people by telling them that Christ came to die for your sins. Scripture does not teach that.

In John 1:29, Christ is described as “The Lamb of God who takes away the SIN of the world!”

Sin, not sins. Christ did not come to die for your sins. Stop allowing organised religion to control you by making you feel guilty.

You are not a sinner because you sinned. You sin because you are a sinner. Big difference.

Even before you were born, right at the time of your conception, you were a sinner. Scripture established this in Psalm 51:5 “In sin did my mother conceive me.”

If your mother conceived you in sin and you were a born sinner, how could you be responsible for Christ’s death?

No! There is only one sin that made all of us sinners and that is the original sin of Adam (not Eve), which is why Christ was called the Second Adam-1 Corinthians 15:45.

You can have faith right now and be bound for the Kingdom of God without any religious activity including baptism, holy communion, speaking in tongues, being doused in holy water, reciting the creed of your denomination, wearing a sacred bracelet with the image of Christ, Mary, or any number of angels or saints.

But then you may ask me what about Mark 16:16 which says “Whoever believes and is BAPTIZED will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.”

Remember when I told you above that organised religion is so dangerous that they are prepared to vary the word of God to keep you under their control?

Mark 16:16 does not exist in the original Scripture. The Book of Mark, which by the way is the oldest Gospel, ends at Mark 16:8. The remaining verses from verse 9-20 do not exist in the original Scriptures. They were added.

You do not have to take my word on this. Please research it yourself. Thoroughly. Do not say you are too busy. Nothing can be as crucial as interrogating your faith. Not your job, or your family. So, stop whatever you are doing and investigate what I wrote in the last paragraph.

Mark 16:9-20 were added by organised religion to control you. To make you believe that you have to jump through their hoops to enter the Kingdom of God.

I know this revelation may be shocking to you, but this is not the only instance in effigy organised religion tampered with Scripture to control you.

One of the most famous verses of Scripture, 1 John 5:7, was tampered with. Please do not just accept what I say, hook, line and sinker, or dismiss it because it agitates your religious programming. Go and investigate this.

The original Scriptures render that verse as follows (I am given you an English rendering):

“For there are three that testify.”

Read this verse in the King James Version and in other versions (I do not want to mention a particular church denomination’s version because then its adherents will think this is an anti ******** article).

Now, read it in other translations. Then investigate the origins of that verse and why those who adjusted it felt they had to adjust it.

The sad fact is that more people put more intellectual effort into deciding what they will wear tomorrow than interrogating what they have accepted as a religion.

Their parents were into that religion, and their parents’ parents were also into it. And if you ask behavioural scientists, they will tell you that all it takes to indoctrinate a people is just three generations.

Pavlov proved this in Russia with his experiments involving the conditioning of animals.

You also see this in various primitive peoples. For example, salt was at one time as valuable as gold in medieval Europe, so much so that it was used as money. The word salary originated from the word salt. Salary was the amount of salt that a Roman soldier was paid. The original word was salarium. Sal or salis being the Latin word for salt.

Now, because salt was so valuable, Romans created a myth that wasting salt would bring you bad luck. It is not true. However, till today, all over Europe, people still believe that salt wastage is an evil omen, and even more ridiculously, that Judas spilled salt during the Last Supper, hence his ignoble fate.

Or take the Christian Wake, of which there is nothing Christian or Scriptural about it. In the New Testament, people were buried on the same day they died-John 19:38-42, Acts 5:6, Acts 8:1-2,

However, Europeans of the Dark Age believed that evil spirits could possess the dear bodies of their loved ones before they were buried. Hence they would watch over their bodies until they were buried. This practice predated Christianity in Europe.

There are also records that many people drank from pottery and utensils made from lead in medieval Europe, most especially in Ireland. They were not aware of lead poisoning. And so, people would get lead poisoning and go into a coma, of which they were mistaken for dead and buried.

Later, noises would be heard from the graveyard, which were mistaken for ghosts, but were in fact people that had come back to consciousness from their coma. And when other dead people were buried, (it was common in those times to bury people with other people), finger scratches were noticed in coffins.

Some anthropologists believe that this phenomenon may have caused some communities to stop burying people immediately they died (which was the usual practice as they had no mortuaries and embalming was too expensive), and to instead put the corpse on display to see if the dead person would wake up.

I must state that anthropologists offer only deductive reasoning as the basis for the lead poisoning theory as an alternate origin of wakes.

These two beliefs, one of purely pagan origin, the other a possible response to lead poisoning-induced comas and other comas, fused and became the custom of keeping watch over dead relatives for some time until they were buried. The practice evolved to be called a wake, because someone was meant to always keep watch over a relative until they were buried.

Today, Christians have turned this European tradition into a ‘Christian wake’!

And finally on this issue, we have the Christian Wedding. Africans keep calling a White Wedding a Christian wedding. But how many people in the Scripture do we see getting married in a church with a white dress and wedding rings? None. These are European cultures. They are not better or worse than your own African culture.

As a matter of fact, the power a priest or pastor has to say ‘I now pronounce you man and wife’, comes from man, not God. There is no Scriptural authority for that.

God Himself pronounces you married once your parents consent to your union. It is a family affair! This is how God defines marriage -“a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one”-Genesis 2:24.

I have read Scripture from cover to cover in multiple languages. Scripture has no instance of a wedding being done in a church, temple, or synagogue.

Isaac married at home (Genesis 24:67). Christ attended a wedding at a home (John 2:2-10). And he attended as a guest. He did not attend to officiate the wedding, or even to bless it.

Isaiah was a prophet. When he wanted to marry a fellow prophetess, all he did was invite two witnesses. And immediately, the woman moved into his home (Isaiah 8:2-3). No ceremony at all. Are you holier than Isaiah?

Hosea’s marriage was captured in only one verse-Hosea 1:3.

God made marriage easy. It is human beings who made it complicated. The Church has no business with weddings.

The ONLY people involved are:

A man

A woman

Their parents.

No pastor or church is involved! It is entirely a family affair.

Credit: Reno Omokri
Source: ThisDay

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