Atimma woke up early in the morning, hot and thirsty. She saw Seno, packing all the clothes in the wardrobe into a bigger bag.

She sighed.

“Why are you packing?” She asked weakly.
“I am going back to my family. They need me.”

He said as he kept fixing piles of clothes in a big box.
“I am pregnant Seno.” She said softly.
“What did you say?” Seno asked in dismay.
“I just said that I am pregnant.”

He smiled to himself as he dropped the last piles of clothes in a box and walked slowly to Atimma.
“Listen, if this is a way you wanna trick me to stay back with you, you’re wasting your time.”

“I can’t trick you. I am already three months gone. I didn’t know we were going to have issues that might end our relationship. I wanted to tell you on your birthday. It was supposed to be a sweet surprise.”

Seno giggled. “You mean that you’ve been pregnant for over three good months?”

Atimma nodded. “And you’re saying it was meant to be a ‘sweet’ surprise?” He chuckled. “What’s so sweet about surprising a married man who has two kids with his wife that you’re pregnant?”

She looked at him oddly and when Seno caught her gaze, she had to look away. Tears running through her eyes as she began to sob softly.

“What do you want me to do now Seno?”

“Abortion! I have two kids already, and the worse that can happen is to have the third out of wedlock. I will rather go back to the arms of my wife, f--k her, get her pregnant and accept the bearable mistake, than to have that mistake out of wedlock.”

“Infanticide? you want me to kill my baby?” She asked tearily.

“Is this going to be the first baby you’re gonna abort? Call it whatever you want, Atim. The last I can remember, you did aborted a pregnancy that was mine in 2014, and another one in 2015, and two In 2016; so tell me my darling, what is so fascinating about this particular pregnancy? If you think you can lure me back to your life with this, I think you’re a big joke.”

“You’re not making closing remarks here.”
Atimma said tearily, but shrilly.

“Trust me. This is more than a closing remark.”
“When am I going to leave here?”

“Anytime you want. I am going to give you some money as compensation. If you like, you can get rid of that bastard, if you like you can keep it.” He Said boldly.

“And what If I get to tell your wife about us, about this pregnancy?” She asked bleakly. Seno laughed aloud and sat on a trunk box, staring at her oddly.

“My wife knows that one slutty b---h, tried taking me away from her. She is aware that you forced me to make love to you that day you begged me to offer you a job. She saw all your messages and emails. 

I fell for you, because I loved the way you twisted your waist when you rode on me. I loved the sound of your moans. I wanted more, I had to do all I could to get them. You were my special sex toy, I couldn’t resist you. 

My wife has taken a lot of shits from me. I am not ready to break her heart. I will let her know about your pregnancy, even before I get to Nigeria. I am afraid for you, not even for my wife. She won’t be surprise, we’ve been f-----g in this house for over a year now, or more. I mean without protection, so she won’t be surprise that I got you pregnant along the run.”

His words were like tiny razors, flaying her heart.

“You must be a fool, to think that sleeping with me makes you superior. You fell for me out of sympathy to offer me a job. you stood so low to fall for me. You left your family to spend a year and a half with a woman you just wanted to have sex with…how stupid.”

Her anger was carefully controlled.

“At least I am better than some people who left their poor husbands and an innocent baby just to come have sex with a foolish man in London, because of the money she could not work for, or? should I say because of the money the man she married could not give her? Am I right w---e?”
The silence was deafening.

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