Love In Times Like This (Episode 1)

A funny feeling crept up the back of Harry's neck, the kind of feeling he always got when he was excited about something.

He followed Atimma and stood just behind her. "I love You. It's just that I am not buoyant enough to marry you now. Give me sometime my darling." He said huskily, laying his hands on her shoulders.

"What if I decide to give you the money for our wedding? I can afford it."  Atimma said. Her tone was sharp, her manner indignant, and her eyes sparked like a hammer on an anvil as she stared at Harry directly in the eyes.
Harry nodded and sat gently on the bed.

"And after marriage, we are going to survive on my okirika business?" He paused and said in a painful whisper. "Give me time. You won't like to stay here in a one bedroom after our wedding."

"I will. We can start from here. I can't wait any longer!" She said with a contemptuous curl on her lips.

"Are you sure about this?"

She defiantly turned her head and met his gaze.

"Yes I am. I am doing a good job Harry. I can support you without anyone knowing that the money is from me. We've dated for four years already, I will be thirty by July, how long should I wait more?" She turned away, looking at the picture frame of her and Harry on the wall.
She sat down and lowered her head.

"What if we plan the wedding for next Year? By then I will be fully settled. I mean I will have a good job by then."

Atimma shook her head in disgust. "What is wrong with giving you money to come marry me, pride? Will it take away your manhood Harry?
I said I will assist you. I will cope! I am doing a good job. My salary can take care of you, myself and your mom." She yelled angrily.
Harry moved closer so he could sit beside her. " You have to understand me."

Lowering her head, she said softly, "I think you never wanted to marry me. You've been using me for four good years Harry?"

He eased back away from her and stood up.

"Okay, Fine! let me prove you wrong, bring the cash, let's plan our wedding." Harry said loudly.
She turned her head and gave him a small smile.

"When should we plan on seeing my parents?" She said in a slow delight.

"Next weekend. I will inform uncle Ettete and my mom."

Atimma nodded in approval and hugged Harry tight to herself. "Finally, we are going to spend the rest of our lives together my love." She said in soft whispers.

Harry took her into his arms and kissed her softly on the lip.

She gave a short laugh and said in a teasing tone, "Mr and Mrs Harry Edet in few months right?"
He laughed. "Soon baby."

She knelt beside him and chuckled. "I just can't wait to get married to you Harry." He glared at her but said nothing.

She cuddled close to him, closing her eyes until she slept off in his arms.

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Credit: Vicky Bon U.
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