It was their first night together at the le meridian hotel and golf resort.
Harry had paid his tithe the previous Sunday, and now, he made out time to spend with the two women he loved so much.

They had gotten a two bedroom suite; one for himself and Enomfon, and one for Didi girl.
Didi finally slept after a lot of talking and playing.

Through the endless sleepless night, Enomfon had yearned for the comfort of Harry’s long, warm body and a deeper closeness.

She had not been in a relationship for years, or made love to a man. She tried to control her emotions and what she felt for him.

His hand ran up her back to her neck and he wrapped his fingers around her nape, his thumb tracing her jaw.

His mouth touch hers, the taste and feel so familiar; so welcomed, it made her want to cry. She shivered. A cry longing escaped her throat when he dipped his hands into her pyjamas. He devoured her mouth as his hands fondled her nipples slowly.

His desire was unleashed at last and it tore through him.

He stared at her long dark full hair, which fell loosely on her back, her dark skin sheened like stainless steel. Her face was sweet and angelic, he could not stop staring at every part of her body.

He pulled her into his arms, kissing her tenderly, slowly, unlike before. Then they both had been desperate, needy, their passion almost savaged in its intensity.

Now, he was going to take his time. It had been a long time since he made love passionately to a woman. He wanted to savor every inch of her body.

He ran his hands up her slender legs, marvelling at the feel of her.
She touched his hand as he caressed her breast, and he lowered his head to take the erect tip of his mouth. Enomfon gasped and tightened her fingers in his hair, as his lip and tongue played over her body.

He coaxed her, teased her, building the passion slowly this time. He tortured himself by waiting. He suddenly stopped and turned away.

“What is it?”

“I don’t wanna do it anymore.” He said softly. “I don’t wanna take advantage of your body, just because you’ve been good to me.”

“But I am your lover. You love me right. You’re in love with me, you said so.” She whispered softly against his ears.

He suddenly kissed her wildly again, and then eased himself into her, holding his breath to try to remain in control.

Her eyes burned with tears. He was crying too after a long, passionate moment. When he probed deeper, she moaned aloud with even more pleasure.
“I love you.” he said as he drove into her, unable to control his urge and longing. She flung her arms around his neck as she moaned softly.
Harry and Enomfon sleeping

After the two days vacation at the golf resort, Enomfon decided to drive Harry home. Didi was behind in her car seat.

“When I return back from work again, I should leave this area for town.” He said softly.
“I can get an agent to get you a house in town. You will write down your description. ” Enomfon retorted.

“Is Didi coming home with me?” Harry asked.

“No. Her temperature was high last night. I need to run some tests on her and give her some medicines.” She said soothingly.

She dropped Harry, and drove home with Didi. As soon as Didi alighted from the car, she ran into Enomfon’s mother’s hands.

“momo!”She screamed.

“My princess.” she carried her into her arm and stroked her hair gently.

“Momo, Enyofon do Dada kiss, kiss.” She said girlishly, trying to kiss her on her mouth.
Enomfon’s mom paused for a moment, then understood what Didi meant.

They got to the sitting room and Enomfon greeted her mother softly, but she ignored her greetings and asked, “Are you dating Didi’s father?” Her question cut into Enomfon’s heart.

“He is my friend.” She faltered.

“Friend? What friend? you kissed your friend before his daughter?” She asked with a stern stare.
Enomfon looked confused, she became dumbfounded.

“I really want to talk to you. I heard from someone that you’ve been seen hanging out with this guy a lot of times. I know you two are dating of course. But are you aware he was once married? and that his marriage wasn’t up to a year, his wife ran away because he was always beating her.”

Enomfon’s heart broke as tears clouded her eyes. She lowered herself gently on the sofa and stared at her mom like she had never seen her before.

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