How You can Use Neem (Dongoyaro) to Cure Numerous Sickness

Neem (Dongoyaro)

Neem, called Dogonyaro can be found in almost every part of Nigeria. This wonderful plant is Medicinal, ranging from roots, bark, twigs, leaves, flowers and seeds.

Neem is commonly or generally known in Nigeria as dogonyaro (hausa name) which means, TALL CHILD or TALL PIKIN in Pidgin's originated from Indian but here in Nigeria, it is found in Northern part of Nigeria but spread across all part of Nigeria.

The divine tree neem (Azadirachta indica) is mainly cultivated in the Indian subcontinent. Neem has been used extensively by humankind to treat various ailments before the availability of written records which recorded the beginning of history. 

The world health organization estimates that 80% of the population living in the developing countries relies exclusively on traditional medicine for their primary health care. 

More than half of the world's population still relies entirely on plants for medicines, and plants supply the active ingredients of most traditional medical products. The review shows the neem has been used by humankind to treat various ailments from prehistory to contemporary.

Below is how you can use neem in various ways for your own well being:

How To make neem oil and seed oil

1. Cold pressed type 
Blended neem leafs with some water then put the blended leafs in a bottle, poure in coconut oil and leave it for 2weeks. Squeeze out with a net cloth or a cheese cloth 

2. Heated type 
slice leaves into pieces,fry wit olive or coconut oil on a low heat,till the leaf changes colors ,then sieve and safe it a tight jar

3. On seed oil only cold pressed method should apply. 
Grind the seed then follow method 1

How to make neem leaf tea

Put few neem leaf in a pot and start boiling once the water changes color your neem tea is ready and do not add anything to it. For quick response to Diabetes and its discomfort, chew 15 neem leaf first thing in the morning.


a. Cardiac Problems: Infusions of neem leaves in HOT water when taken, it removes bad sugars and toxins from blood, dilates blood vessels, improves blood circulation and balances heart pumping rates.

b. High Blood Pressure: It relaxes erratic heart beats and balances blood pressure. Research shows that the intravenous administration of neem leaf alcohol extract significantly reduces blood pressure.

c. Eczema: Dried neem leaves are burnt on red hot charcoal and cover to cure eczema

d. Pesticides/Insecticide: Pound a few handful of seeds, add water, mash and filter out solution with a clean sieve. Use to spray your crops.

e. As a Contraceptive: Neem is a natural contraceptive; it blocks spermatogenesis (the production of sperm cells) without affecting the production of testosterone. It is thus believed to be an ideal contraceptive for birth control as it is natural, available, nontoxic and affordable to almost all.

Neem oil can be use as a spermicide. It's applied deep in the vagina ( intravaginally ) before sexual intercourse. It kills sperms and prevent pregnancy

f. Cancer: Neem Leave are rich in antioxidants. It help prevent cancers and also use against developing cancers.

g. Digestion: Take tea of neem leaves or barks to treat digestive problems.

h. Typhoid & Malaria: Neem leaves tea is an effective cure for Typhoid and Malaria (fever)

i. Blood Purification, Circulation and Enhancement. Neem leaves tea is just excellent

j. Beautiful & Glowing Skin: Regular use of the paste of neem leaves. Nb: Adding tumeric gives better results, and adding Cucumbers makes the results more better. ALWAYS APPLY ON FACE WHEN GOING TO SLEEP. This mixture of leaves, tumeric and cucumber can also be used for skin whitening.

k. Chronic Wounds & Ulcers: A paste of neem leaves and tumeric are effective here

l. Skin infections/ Rashes/ Skin dryness: Mash or pound neem leaves and apply green juice on skin. Also use smashed leaves as a skin scrub 

Dilute a little neem seed oil in water and bathing with also works against skin infections/diseases

m. Skin toner: Boil about 20 to 25 leaves in 1 liter of water in a closed vessel over a gentle flame for about 20 minutes. Then filter and put in a clean bottle and always use with the aid of a cotton to clean face with every night before going to bed. It removes dead skin, treats acne and rejuvenates skin

n. Cholesterol: Leaves' tea lowers cholesterol

o. Improved Eye Health: Wash eyes with cold tea of neem.

p. Muscles and Joint pains: Neem Tea from leaves and flowers jointly boiled is a good detoxifier and antiinflammatory.

Pound the Need in a mortal

q. Breast, Prostate and all Cancers: Neem leaf detoxify the system, improve immune response, eliminate free radicals and inhibit inflammatory reactions. It destroys cancer cells more especially prostate cancers growth and inhibits spread.

r. Blood Cleanser: Neem leaf tea cleanses the blood and more effective when taken with honey

s. Dandruff & Hair fall: Wash hair regularly with neem leaves tea.

t. Painkiller: Extract of leaves and seeds together gives a good anti inflammatory that RELIEVES PAINS, heals CUTS, WOUNDS, HEADACHES, SPRAINS, EAR ACHES

u. Antibiotics: Leaves, barks, and almost all parts of neem have antibiotic effects, BUT the TWIGS have highest antibiotics effect. Works against dangerous bacteria like S mutans, S aureus and E Faecalis

v. Hair Treatment: Boil a handful of neem leaves in a little water and use to wash your hair after shampooing. It's antifungal, antiparasitic, antibacterial and antiviral properties will help to heal your scalp of dandruff, hair fall problems and from lots of diseases

w. Injuries & burns: Neem leaves juice or teas applied on them works faster

z. Mouth diseases: Neem leaves/bark teas prevent mouth diseases like cavities, tooth decay and gingivitis
*Neem seed oil used as a mouth wash heals gum diseases. It inhibits the growth of streptococcus mutants in the mouth, a bacteria that causes oral problems

Neem bark is effective in the treatment of gastritis and ulcers

Chicken pox: Drink regularly neem leaves tea and also take regular baths with it

Delays Signs of Skin Ageing: Neem oils and leaves rejuvenate skin, fights against underneath pathogens, thus, keeping the skin supple and young for a long time. Add neem leaves powder to your face packs. Also dilute seed oil and use on face and body

Psoriasis: Neem oil works miraculously on psoriasis. Neem oil helps to get rid of the itches and irritation. It moisturizes skin and works against dryness and itching

Blackheads: Applying diluted Neem seed oil regularly prevents the reoccurrence of blackheads

Liver Health: Neem flowers (edible ones) detoxify, heals and protect the liver against cancers and many diseases

Leprosy: Need seed oil when taken in appropriate amounts works against Leprosy. Nb: Neem oil may be toxic when taken in large amounts into the system

Nail Diseases: Neem seed oil cures more that sixty types of nail fungus

Under-Eye dark circles/bags: Mix power from leaves with little water and apply paste with care understand eyes. Only wash after 15 to 30 minutes period

Baldness: Regular application of Mashed leaves on scalp, massaging and allowing for about 30 minutes before washing, will trigger the growth of hair on bald head. Always add a little water on mashed leaves

Weak legs: Deep legs in neem leaves solution or tea for about 30 minutes. Repeat regularly

Viral infections: Herpes, HIV, Hepatitis, Influenza, Common colds, Chicken pox, etc. Take neem leaves tea regular to treat symptoms, detoxify system, build immunity and possibly eradicate the disease

Tooth ache & Teeth treatment: Neem twigs relieve toothache and also brighten when used as a chewing stick to brush teeth

Asthma: Neem oil in small dozes works against Asthma

Scars & Pigmentations: Neem is effective in lightening scars and pigmentations caused by acne and rashes or scabies. Use as prescribed above under skin problems

Poisonous bites/Stings: Apply neem leaves juice or seed oil

Piles/Hemorrhoids: Take neem leaves tea regular.

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